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Medellin: A Tale of Two Cities

Johan is 26 and about to leave Colombia for the first time in his life in search of adventure. After seeing the city of Medellin transform around him since he moved to the slums there aged just 8, he’s proud to say he’s a Paisa, a perfect advertisement to those he meets travelling, telling people it’s now safe to visit the city that was once deemed the most dangerous in the world. 990 more words

Journalist Who Went Into Hiding for 4 Years Vindicated by Wikileaks (video)

WeAreChange, Jul 16, 2014

In this video Luke Rudkowski meets Argentinian journalist Tin Bojanić who was on the run, hiding from government officials for over 4 years. 41 more words


Cartel associates get 1-year sentence for bribery

AUSTIN (AP) — Two Mexican citizens associated to the Zetas drug cartel have been sentenced to one year and one day in prison for attempting to bribe a federal judge, federal prosecutors said Tuesday. 298 more words


Spanish police have arrested a Colombian drug boss Hernan Alonso Villa, AKA ‘The Mouse’, the alleged leader of a major cocaine smuggling gang accused of 400 killings

Spanish police have arrested a Colombian drug boss dubbed ‘The Mouse’, the alleged leader of a major cocaine smuggling gang accused of 400 killings, officials said on Saturday. 214 more words


If You Don't Know! News & Politics Roundup: Child Actress Skye McCole Bartusiak Dies At 21, & More! (DETAILS)

We’re sad to say that another child actor has passed away too soon. Skye McCole Bartusiak, who is best known for playing Mel Gibson’s daughter in  288 more words



When I began my writing career in the last half of the last century I followed a different path.  Oh sure I adhered to the conventions of romance fiction — one man, one woman, happy ending. 594 more words


Feds Screw Lone Star Taxpayers: Texas Already Spent $500 Million on Border Crisis

“Ignoring the core problem will only cause more hardship”

For the Washington TimesJennifer Harper reports: Critics say Texas Gov. Rick Perry is trying to politicize the border crisis only to bolster a potential White House run in 2016. 186 more words