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Healthy Living - Cleaner Air = Fewer Deaths

By Dr. George Traitses

Duke University researchers recently looked at changes in air quality and deaths from respiratory diseases between 1993 to 2010, and found a strong correlation between better air and fewer deaths. 243 more words

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Healthy Living - Will you Live to See 85? Researchers say their new tool can tell you

By Dr. George Traitses

Swiss researchers have developed a calculator that claims to predict the likelihood of a 75-year-old living an extra decade. The main factors considered: alcohol and fruit consumption, exercise, and smoking habits. 249 more words

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I have my first Improv show today.

It will be my first comedy performance sober. ever. I am nervous and excited. And a whole lot of anxious.


The anxiety and depression hasn’t gone away. 126 more words

Their still there?

Their still there?

Morning confusion

toadly a life of me,

throw back into delusion

have been drug free.

Please explain

my thoughts

which run through my mind? 63 more words

Top 5 Favorite Herbal Books for Pregnancy - Part I

My obsession with herbal books is no secret. I love reading the many ways that people have allied with herbs throughout history, the folklore, the secret tips and tricks, the character and beauty of each herb. 454 more words



Hi, I’m Cory Van Wormer and I love directly impacting others lives with a source of nutrition that enables people like you and families like yours to achieve extremely high levels of physical and mental health not thought possible with just one move, one choice, just one simple decision generating massive results consistently, conveniently and cost effectively. 103 more words

Healthy Living - A Good Pillow

by Dr. George Traitses


A good pillow for sleeping should be comfortable to lay your head upon, but most importantly it must support your neck keeping it in alignment with the rest of your spine. 315 more words