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Fight Addiction? 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction is the Weapon You Need!

49 Tips & Insights for Understanding Addiction provides a rich set of writings that can help people understand the emotional and physical mechanics of both Addiction and Recovery. 148 more words


Florida Drug Rehab

Addiction is a thing many people who have not experienced it do not understand. Addiction is a serious and complex disease that can affect anyone, rich or poor, young or old, healthy or not. 388 more words

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Even an old Addict can learn...

The response from the Substance Abuse & Addiction Perception survey that I’m presenting today implies that perhaps treatment for addicts over forty (40) is more difficult than treating addicts under forty (4): 444 more words


Methadone Addiction And It's Side Effects

Methadone is a prescribed drug that is used to treat pain similar to morphine, heroin and opium. It is also used in order to wean people off of their addiction to heroin because it can basically replace heroin, and it’s addiction, without causing the high that is associated with the heroin. 301 more words


Is there a stigma associated with providing Addiction Treatment?

While it’s almost common knowledge that there is a stigma associate with substance abuse and addiction, it had never occurred to me that this stigma could impact the substance abuse treatment field. 500 more words


The role of rehabilitation therapy in drug addiction recovery

The effect of substance abuse can be quite significant. This is especially so with alcohol and drugs taking a heavy toll on all aspects of the user’s life. 448 more words

Drug Rehabilitation

Leaderful Practice helps build an ethical clinical setting

A few days ago, I was reviewing my Ethics workshop curriculum with a prospective client. She reviewed most of the material with apparent approval; however, when she came upon the module labeled, “Leadership and Power Differentials,” she said, “Hmmm…” with a tone in her voice that meant, “Yeah, I don’t think this is all that relevant.” 422 more words

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