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3 questions to ask when measuring an addiction

Before I leave the Earth, I anticipate saying that fear is the shackle that locks an addiction into place about a million more times. In a conversation I had last night, someone analogized someone addicted to heroin to someone addicted to alcohol. 515 more words


Everybody is a Genius...

Here’s the thing: The power of all life is that, by nature, every living thing has everything it needs to grow and adapt to life’s ebbs and flows.  412 more words


Tomorrow is the sum result of today's choices

In life, we have two (2) options; either we fight the past, or we make friends with each and every upcoming moment we’re given.  I can’t see any other choices.  452 more words


Top 5 Tips for Depression Treatment

Symptoms of Depression
With swinging moods, shifting energies, sleeping disorders, anxiety, depression and other types of addictions leads to a ravaging feel. There are so many ways to mess up one’s life. 32 more words


Maybe there isn't anything real under the sun

Maybe there are no new frontiers. Man can fly over every inch of land and he can build machines to scan every inch of the oceans. 492 more words


The homeless addict given emergency housing - above a pub: Paul's story

I headed back to the impressive Jerico Road project in Catford, South-East London last night. This church-based organisation offers very practical support to vulnerable adults – most of whom come to the project initially as rough sleepers. 598 more words


A brief intervention

If someone were shooting a video of his feet while he walked, the video would have captured his stride and cadence and pace and any viewer would have recognized the steps of an elderly man. 537 more words