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First Do No Harm

The FDA often acknowledges the presence of harmful chemicals in our household products, but does not do anything about them. Case in point:

In 2010, the government agency agreed that triclosan, which is often found in hand soaps and toothpaste can disrupt hormone balance, cause endocrine disorders and could be a contributor to the increasing rates of drug-resistant bacterias. 254 more words

Drug-Resistant Bacteria On The Rise

Health officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have released a statement warning of deadly, drug-resistant bacteria that are on the rise in United States hospitals. 274 more words

Drug-resistant bacteria: Sewage-treatment plants described as giant 'mixing vessels' after scientists discover mutated microbes in British river

There has been some discussion within Harbourcare concerning the possibility that the concentration of the Jones Road plant outfall onto the Omaha Golf course could provide a suitable mixing pot for the evolution of drug resistant bacteria. 83 more words