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“Ebola Martyrs” Have Now Reached South America, US Warned Is Next | EUTimes.net

The Foreign Intelligence Service SVR is warning today that a “strong contingent” of Islamic State IS “Ebola Martyrs” they had previously described in their 15 August report, and who are preparing to target the… 498 more words

United State

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If Gunny is worried than I am too --- and I'm ex-Special Forces.

Obama Plan to Fight Antibiotic Resistance 'Disappointing,' Critics Say

President Barack Obama is taking the health problems posed by antibiotic resistant bacteria seriously. He signed an Executive Order Thursday to create a task force – led by the secretaries of Defense, Agriculture and Health and Human Services – to develop an action plan on the issue. 530 more words

President Obama Sending 3,000 U.S. Ground Troops To Battle Ebola - CDC Announcement Expected Today...

See, dear leader does have a plan for boots on the ground….

Washington (AFP) – US President Barack Obama will on Tuesday seek to “turn the tide” in the Ebola epidemic by ordering 3,000 US military personnel to West Africa and launching a major health care training and hygiene program. 149 more words

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As much as this was needed months ago Obama Mr. DLDS (Mr. a day late and a dollar short) as finally done something or at least he claims he is.

Video: Ebola Patient Escapes Quarantine, Spreads Panic in Liberia

Man with Ebola runs through public market

After escaping from quarantine, a man affected with Ebola ran through a public market before being detained by medical officials wearing Hazmat suits.

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Just what we needed!

Experts: Ebola Could Go Airborne, Kill Millions

Doctors confirm what Infowars first reported last month

by Paul Joseph Watson | September 12, 2014

Top doctors and virologists are now acknowledging what Infowars first reported over a month ago – that the Ebola virus has mutated, may have gone airborne, and could kill millions.

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Keep watching these Ebola posts the government will not tell us the real situation until its too late!

WHO Struggling With Liberia: Traditions Worsen Ebola Spread

Source: Front Page Africa, 9/11/2014

Monrovia – International Rhetoric on the deadly Ebola outbreak that has hit Liberia its neighbors, Guinea and Sierra Leone continues to rise with the World Health Organization issuing several warnings this week that seems to be scaring the life out of people who live in these countries. 827 more words


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This problem is not going away!

Doctor: Ebola virus cases may be underrepor​ted by as much ‘double or triple’

Mike Opelka

Despite knowing that he had symptoms of the Ebola virus, a Nigerian diplomat boards a plane in Liberia and flies from that small country to his nation’s capital city of Lagos, a city with 21 million people. 434 more words

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With stories like this coming out there can be little doubt it will get here --- and very soon!