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Rants and Rage and the Bright Rush of Wings

Most of the posts that I try to write for this blog disintegrate into dark rants and rages.

Rants against a society that fully recognizes how an epidemic of addiction is destroying our children, our families, whole neighborhoods and cities, filling our jails and prisons, and littering our streets and alleys with the living dead. 568 more words

The 'Final Solution' to the Drug Epidemic: Public Executions

Heroin is an “epidemic” again. Who saw THAT coming? Man. All the time and energy we’ve spent fighting the War on Drugs has only made heroin cheaper and easier to acquire than a six-pack of beer. 755 more words

Women and Addiction

The disease of addiction can afflict people of any race, creed, or social status. However, different people are definitely affected in different ways. Gender in particular plays an active role in how and why a person suffers from substance abuse. 487 more words

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Kicking People out of Drug Addiction Programs - A Travesty!

My son was recently kicked out of a drug treatment program.  I can’t tell you how long and hard we had to work to even get him into the program.   740 more words

Vitamins and minerals could be effective in treating ADHD; but is the ‘disorder’ simply a social phenomenon?

A study carried out in New Zealand suggests that vitamins and minerals could go a long way to treating the symptoms of ADHD.

The study, which was published in the… 677 more words

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Today is a very special day, no I am not talking about April fools and this is not a joke. This day 22 years ago was a major event and also help me in recovery bringing me closer to the Lord. 518 more words


Suffering in Silence

Addiction is a struggle to survive, let alone overcome. Physical and mental pressure drives you to use and punishes every effort to free yourself. However, the biggest obstacle is the stigma society has placed on addiction. 553 more words

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