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Alcohol and Drug Treatment - Nothing to Lose

It is important to know what to do when someone who suffers from alcohol dependence or drug addiction asks if they should enter treatment.

When individuals ask if they should enter alcohol treatment or… 640 more words


Doctor successfully treats Ebola patients with HIV drug

Desperate that his patients were dying from Ebola and running out of options, Dr. Gobee Logan from Liberia decided to try an HIV drug. Surprisingly, the treatment seemed to have some success. 365 more words


The role of rehabilitation therapy in drug addiction recovery

The effect of substance abuse can be quite significant. This is especially so with alcohol and drugs taking a heavy toll on all aspects of the user’s life. 448 more words

Drug Rehabilitation

"People typically do more research when shopping for a new car than when seeking treatment for addiction."

Addiction – to anything – can be a very confusing disease to grasp even for those who are suffering from it. When the active user or their loved ones are discovering what addiction is and learning to accept its presence in their lives, identifying an appropriate course of action to treat the addiction can be an extremely daunting task. 183 more words

An overview of alcohol treatment programs

Types of alcohol treatment programs:
Residential treatment – Residential treatment involves living at a treatment facility while undergoing intensive treatment during the day. Residential treatment normally lasts from 30-90 days. 404 more words

Drug Rehabilitation