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Me Too!

As long as manufactured goods have been around, “me-too” preparations have been around.  When a successful thing is introduced, competitors produce a similar one, but sufficiently different not to infringe patent laws. 469 more words


Space, The Final Frontier, Part I

It didn’t take me very long after I was discharged from the Army to enter the drug subculture that prevaled in California in 1969.  I had smoked a great deal of marijuana in Fort Hood, and later in Vietnam, and it was rumored that some of the weed that we smoked in Vietnam had been cured in opium.   2,182 more words


Benzodiazepines: the demonised life saving drugs

As I noted in my previous post about LSD, I do not take a stereotypical anti-pharma view and I would be defending the class of drugs known as minor tranquillisers, or benzodiazepines if you really like sounding smart. 1,943 more words


Why I oppose the recent allegations on cannabis and why it should be legalized

Sat in the middle of a field, relaxed, thinking of nothing but how amazing my drink is, talking and laughing with a couple of my friends. 1,093 more words


Trippy trippy trippy

This is quite the trippy tricky subject, especially since my family might see this blog. If you do, hello family, read this and enlighten yourself with the magic of lysergic acid! 1,877 more words


Introduction to "Space, The Final Frontier"

Books have always had a profound influence on my life.  From the time that I began to read, somewhere in my early years of elementary school, I also began to seek direction for my life in the stories presented in the books that I read.   902 more words


A wedding in the sky

Shot in the Revolution, pimped out by her mother, lost to drugs and now homeless, Sanda is one of countless victims abandoned on the 25th anniversary of Romania’s uprising. 2,267 more words