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Comic Richard Coughlan on the drugs, Doug Stanhope and the death threat

In yesterday’s blog, I was talking to comic performer Richard Coughlan.

That conversation took place in the Soho Theatre Bar.

This can be a bad place to have chats, because other comics have a tendency to come across and sit down to chat with you in the middle of the blog chat. 1,476 more words


#Sex, #Drugs and #Alcohol - What else is #retirement for? #AAW2014

Following our post that older people drink more than the young it doesn’t stop there. An Economist article explores other lifestyle habits of the older person.

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The face and mouth and result of cocaine in 1999 - and real crime’s face

This is what happens when you go to bed late, wake up late, turn over and go back to sleep at least three times when you should have got up and written a blog but now have no time to transcribe either of the long blog chats you have sitting inside your iPhone. 691 more words


The pharmaceutical industry has flooded America with antipsychotics.

AlterNet / By Martha Rosenberg

The Most Popular Drug in America Is an Antipsychotic and No One Really Knows How It Works

November 13, 2014… 1,401 more words


Yes, Virginia, There IS a Santa Claus!

Somebody pinch me because I couldn’t possibly be awake! Why? Because I saw a doctor, a family physician, who believes in treating the whole patient AND he treats fibromyalgia patients. 420 more words


This is far far more dangerous than a few misguided and radicalized youth. $650 million wasn't provided to fight this.

Ice drug epidemic giving regional NSW towns an unwanted reputation

Like many other parts of Australia, regional towns in New South Wales are in the grip of an ice epidemic. 1,011 more words