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Passing through the void

Dear x,

Originally I wasn’t planning on doing this post more because when it comes to these things I only really trust certain people to actually give specific detail. 734 more words

My Life


It’s never the same.
Every day, the way I look at the tree in front of my window, is different.
The stars illuminate the streets in a very different and unique way, every day. 131 more words


You try.

I want better,
I want luxury,
I want true feelings of happiness.
Happiness is seeing the sunrise.
Happiness is waking up next to you.
Happiness is making love to you. 77 more words


A Trip to the M.E.

As I stood in front of the window of the Medical Examiner’s office waiting for the woman to come back with Riley’s toxicology report, I cried. 843 more words


Drugs, Pain & Sleepless nights

Minds a blur eyes glazed over
feeling numb to the world, Atmospheric changes..I stay in a constant state of burning flesh.

This heat a volcano cooking awaiting the eruption. 90 more words


Now this is a tweet.

ACLU Massachusetts @ACLU_Mass

If you partake in sex, drugs & rock & roll or have a cell phone, your civil liberties are on the line. 9 more words


Australia’s Prime Minister Announces Support for Legalizing Medical Cannabis

Meanwhile, here in Canada where marijuana is available everywhere, our anachronistic  troglodytes that make up the Conservative Party are prosecuting Owen Smith for baking marijuana cookies. 192 more words


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