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Terry Michael prep'd for war on PrEP

“I just completed and greatly expanded my paper (which I sent in late May) on the toxic Gilead/Truvada/PrEP.  I trace how this fraud went from rigged clinical trials funded by Fauci; to approval by the FDA in a corrupt “user fee”-funded (by Gilead!) fast-tracked process, just in time for the 2012 IAS AIDSFest in Washington in July 2012;  to the CDC’s  compliant endorsement this May; and now is being promoted by a science-ignorant mass and gay media. 114 more words


A Lot of Church with a Little Bit of Pot

This blog was created to record the unpredictable correspondence between two writers living on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Dear M (I like that.  I feel like 007 communicating with HQ), 1,735 more words



A mind numbing drug, smoke clouds I blew.

Exhaled pain, inhaling false hope.

Hope of escapism..escapism I hoped.

Escapism…no reality of mine.

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The Wacky, Wonderful World of McDrugs

(Edited. Original image by Bart Everson.)

So here’s an American story. Robitussin. It’s not just a sickly sweet syrup you chug when you’re congested and can’t fall asleep. 1,331 more words


The Fears of a Chronic Pain Sufferer

What if I cannot get another prescription for my hydrocodone measly 5 mg. for my pain? What if my doctor won’t change my prescription for a larger dose that might actually kick my pain? 231 more words


The Urge

We had such a fun day today. We drove over to my sister’s to congratulate her on her engagement. Then we were off to the park to hike through the woods, throw rocks in the creek, play frisbee and even enjoy some time on the jungle gym. 479 more words


Taboo - globalisation - drugs

Since the dawn of our species human beings have taken drugs. Our ancestors sought them out for medicines but also to change their consciousness, today many mind altering drugs are banned around the world. 1,282 more words