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Soon It Will Go Public

This is it.  The poster that could bring me into a totally new phase in my life.  These couple of words “Welcome: Ann & Jim Scott; Hosts”   324 more words

This And That

The Necessary Ingredient

Trials in and of themselves from a ‘this world’ perspective are a pain, as I said last week, nobody likes them, nobody deliberately puts them in their events diary, they happen, whether we like it or not. 384 more words



shake shake shake, shake your cocktail, shake your cocktail,

oh ich liebe es drinks für meine lieben Gäste zu shaken, oder auch zu kreieren, das macht mich so zufrieden und glücklich, alle menschen, sind so freundlich zu mir, im Gegensatz zu draussen, da spür ich schon manchmal Ablehnung und vielleicht , manchmal sogar ein bisschen hass, aber das ist ja überall so… es gefällt mit gut hier, ich habe Arbeit und geld, kann meiner Familie in cuba, ein bisschen was schicken, und mama kann meinen Schwestern das ein- oder andere schöne Kleid, oder tolle Schuhe kaufen..und…Juana, natürlich, aber… 1,497 more words


New Triangulated Business Structure Offers Opportunities To Investors At Every Level

Most diets are destined to fail because they force unrealistic demands upon us. They ask us to change what we eat and how we eat it, often replacing the foods we love with pale and tasteless imitations. 630 more words


Time To Come Out Of The Soda Vending Machine And Admit The Truth

I have been addicted to pop and this brand in particular for a very long time; probably since I first heard the words: “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony”. 249 more words


Cocaine and Cupcakes

This fascinating article from the Boston Globe exposes the growing issue of recovering drug addicts who are becoming dependent on sugary foods to quell their drug cravings. 147 more words