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Perceiving Beauty

“The Beauty of the Earth is a constant play of light and dark, visible and invisible. We perceive and participate in that beauty through the interplay of senses and spirit. 277 more words


Connections - Moon

This week’s connection or teacher came as a complete surprise to me. I made these cards a long time before my book Shaman Pathways ‘Web of Life’ was even written, let alone published. 128 more words


Here are some Taoist thoughts about the way of the ‘spiritual dragon’, which seems like a good Druid topic. They come from Awakening to the Tao, by Liu I-Ming, a set of ‘contemplations’ translated by Thomas Cleary (1). 486 more words

Ancient Norse Women - Warriors, Housewives, Poets and Priestesses

There is still much about the Ancient Norse People that we do not know, so much of our current information is an attempt to fill in the gaps (since the Vikings did not write down their history and the Christians destroyed much of their existing culture). 2,257 more words

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Solitude and Serenity

I spent a wonderful couple of days by myself, “glamping” in a yurt for my 40th birthday. It was heaven.

I love spending time by myself. 606 more words


Preparing for Autumn

Busy time here :) I think it’s something to do with the time of year, coming into Autumn and the need to prepare for the months ahead. 436 more words



So today I have went for a day out walking on Dartmoor. If anyone has seen the film Earth Pilgrim by Satish Kumar, you will know he refers to his visits to Dartmoor as a pilgrimage. 157 more words