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The Lemming Society And The Cliffs Of Insanity

I was brainstorming on ideas for a future post regarding, Pagan Coming Out Day and as will happen a side issue came to mind hence this post.   756 more words


Allowing Time

Some days, we need to take time. To rest, recharge, heal… whatever is necessary.

The key word here being ‘need’. We will physically and mentally collapse if we don’t take that break. 179 more words


Pay It Forward

Today is International Pay It Forward Day. If you have seen the movie Pay It Forward you will understand what it’s all about already, but for those who don’t here are some videos about it. 9 more words


Hail, Nike...

I’ve heard of sweating your prayers. I ran my meditation today.

As some of you may know, I’ve started running again. As in, jogging around the park (or up and down the road) every other morning. 310 more words


The Conscientious Druid Returns

A little over a year ago I had an abrupt shift occur as far as my Druid “home” is concerned.  I was going along swimmingly, enjoying the educational material as well as mentoring a dozen or so newcomers who were in the dedicant year. 460 more words


Earth on My Mind: Earth Day

Why is Earth Day important?


In 1969, the idea was proposed of a day to honor Earth, peace, and the promote environmental responsibility. That day became Earth Day. 701 more words

Happy Earth Day

It’s Earth Day today. The Lyrid meteor shower also reaches its height tonight. What a lovely day to celebrate and be thankful to our Mother, the earth, for all she provides for us. 38 more words