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Pagan Blog Project - Ritual

I have been thinking a lot about ritual over the last year especially. As a Bard in training with the OBOD a more systematic approach to ritual has been a big part of my life, not every day by any means but on a much more regular basis than it would have been in the past. 666 more words


Riding the Wave through the Waldo Tunnel

I hadn’t planned to write about Robin Williams’ passing; there have been enough tributes and articles and blogs about him to allay even the most ardent fan’s grief.  947 more words

Druid Path

The Sacred and Me

Years ago, I came across a beautiful prayer in a Pagan book (I believe by Francesca de Grandis, but I’ve sadly not been able to find it since). 844 more words


Interlude: Bald-faced Hornets meet the Druid

Dolichovespula maculata is the resplendent Latin name of a North American insect variously called the bald-faced hornet (BFH after this), the blackjacket, or the bull wasp. 817 more words


Seeking Sacred - A Challenge

Today, I was chatting with my partner about my current book projects. Which haven’t been moving very fast of late. Busyness, mental blocks, personal mood or external issues… ultimately, the words have just not been coming. 315 more words


Switching from the IP to CTP-Prelim

A year ago I applied for and was accepted into the Initiate’s Program as my next step upon finishing the DP. I set out to do the IP work as a placeholder and a way to continue my studies and start to suss out whether I really did have a vocation to doing the Clergy Training Program. 713 more words


DP: Ancestors

“Humans are not proud of their ancestors, and rarely invite them round to dinner” -Douglas Adams

Well, this one is pretty well timed as I just found out this weekend that my mother, the sole surviving member of my immediate family, has died in hospital.

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