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Snapshot of My Life

I’ve been thinking that some of you might like an insight into what a week for me is like after all my life can be more than a little varied as I don’t have a normal 9-5 job. 669 more words


Druid Camp 2014

Druid Camp was, once again, a wonderful experience. Though we were only there for Friday evening and Saturday, leaving early Sunday morning, it was an enriching time filled with laughter, good friends, a coming together of a tribe and community, and an honouring of the land. 1,101 more words


The Mask of the Lord and Lady

A short chant for daily devotion and ritual use. Written, composed, recorded and sung by Gwen ap Mannanan.


Druid on holiday

For my summer hols this year, I went with my lovely other half to the Isles of Scilly, miles off the coast of Cornwall. Travelling by sleeper-train and ferry, the journey there spanned over two days, but it was totally worth it! 691 more words


Naturalistic Paganism FAQ, by Jon Cleland Host

Editor’s Note: This FAQ can be found in files section of the Naturalistic Paganism Yahoo group.

Q.  What is Naturalistic Paganism?

A.  Naturalistic Paganism is the spiritual path which uses Pagan symbols, rituals, and ideas while maintaining a Naturalistic worldview. 2,394 more words


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I've been wrestling and wrangling my thoughts on how I define my druidic beliefs. Arguably, I don't *have* to actually define anything but I find it does help sometimes. These FAQs explain a lot of what I believe in a really cohesive way.

Dedicant Path: Two Powers meditation

So you may have noticed a sudden flurry of activity on my blog, or you may not have done and you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about. 247 more words