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Protection Spell for a Loved One.

Guards of earth and sea and sky,

Drive all wicked sprites away.

Guards of sky and sea and ground,

Hedge with power my Love around. 14 more words


Alban Arthuan February 1 – 2

The Druid festival of the Winter Solstice, loosely translated as The Light of Arthur. The time when we celebrate the rebirth of the Sun and the return of light, also known as Yule. 538 more words




Botanical: Galanthus nivalis (LINN.)
Family: N.O. Amaryllidaceae


Fair Maid of February. Bulbous Violet.

Snowdrop, usually spoken of as the first flower of our year, though the Winter Aconite has perhaps a better title to be so considered, has never been of much account in physic, and has never been recognized. 681 more words


Sharing the awen

Like many Druids (it’s never all, nothing holds true for all…) I consider awen, inspiration to be a sacred force. That creates a context for any situation where I find awen present. 613 more words




Family: N.O. Iridaceae

The Iris belongs to a family of plants that is justly popular in this country for its many varieties of handsome garden blooms, beautifying the borders in spring and early summer. 2,551 more words


A Druid in the Life of a Day

Sunrise, are you waiting for that sliver of moon to invite you? This time of year I’m up before you, and waiting in the perfect frozen peace of January pre-dawn. 593 more words


Death comes to Druid-town

So, last Friday, death visited us.

My wife’s grandmother died. It was not a surprise, but we certainly weren’t waiting for it.

Now, I’m playing my role as comforter by ear, doing the best I can. 34 more words