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Utter Darkness and the Return

A rather dark period, but not an unhappy one.  You know what it’s like, certainly–those strange moments of tumult which you must pass through and, in the midst of them, forget that you know there is an end. 612 more words

Gods And Mortals

Balancing Truths

Sometimes, I’m working. There’s a job to do, with expectations and responsibilities. Awareness and energy are high.

Sometimes, I’m alone. Still with expectations of myself, different jobs, my dislike of being idle. 146 more words


My dedication to books

To Autumned leaves
falling from binding
of sun-shelfed, oak sitting
carbon made thoughts
printed in fading ink.

Dusty, musty treasures
that don’t glitter.
The mind glitters with serendipity… 28 more words

H is for Hearth Culture

If I had to pick, I would say I operate in a Vanic-influenced Anglo-Saxon hearth. My rituals draw on Anglo-Saxon symbolism most strongly, but I work primarily with the Vanir/Wanes – the gods and goddesses of the land and fertility, using their Anglo-Saxon names where they are attested (So (usually) Ing Frea and Freo, but also Njord and Nerthus and Frau Holda. 399 more words


Pagan Blog Project - Hummingbird

The Andean shaman of South America have gifted to the world a series of nine shamanic rites known as the Munay Ki. In these rites Hummingbird holds the energy of the Ancient Ones. 642 more words


Disillusioned with Druidry

I’m writing this one on request, not as a reflection of how I currently feel. I’ve been there, but in those bouts of feeling at odds with my path and community, I wouldn’t have talked about it. 660 more words


Druidcraft: A New Journey

Sometimes, events in our life are happier than others. I’ll not explain my situation in details, but my life just changed after I made a big decision. 662 more words