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still think drunk is safe and cool?

I am posting these pictures from acidcow.com not because I want to say ugh look at all these drunk girls, but to try and remind anyone who feels wobbly this Friday night and may have a sneaky voice saying, oh go on get pissed, you deserve it, that here is the reality. 95 more words

Alcohol In The News

#HotPeopleProbs: The Strugs That Come With Dating A Hot Guy

In case you didn’t guess from the title of this post, my boyfriend is hot – tall, dark, handsome, and a smile so perfect it could even make Ellen Degeneres pass out, if only for a second or two. 702 more words


What Happens in Vegas

That’s messed up. A true friend would cover your ass and hold your hair while you puke.


The night I hated men.

Anyone with a social media account has surely seen someone they know sneak a picture of a stranger doing something strange and then quietly uploaded it without them knowing. 874 more words

Play #10: The Designated Driver

The Designated Driver

What you will need: (1) Drunk chick

Purpose: To take advantage of a sexy girl who is under the influence

The scenario: 515 more words