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The night I hated men.

Anyone with a social media account has surely seen someone they know sneak a picture of a stranger doing something strange and then quietly uploaded it without them knowing. 874 more words

Play #10: The Designated Driver

The Designated Driver

What you will need: (1) Drunk chick

Purpose: To take advantage of a sexy girl who is under the influence

The scenario: 515 more words


"Hey, You Look Like A Street Walker!" - 3 Tips For the Drive-By Bully

Last Saturday night, I went to a friend’s birthday at Golden Road Brewery. I tried the dark Hudson Porter (delicious), mustered up the courage to talk to new people (aaaah), and had a good night. 445 more words

Live + Breathe

The 12 Types Of Girls Who Hit On Bartenders


So after receiving some positive feedback from our community members about the original “12 Types Of Guys Who Hit On Bartenders” I decided to continue this series and do a dude version. 31 more words


How To Pick Up Drunk Girls

Perhaps it is the way they slur their speech or maybe it’s just their utter lack of better judgment, but there’s something oddly endearing about drunk girls. 737 more words