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What Kind of Necklace is That?

Breakfast server here: Today two broke ass looking girls got sat at my table. I grab the coffee pot assuming these ratchets are going to need some caffeine. 58 more words


This Video Exonerated A NOLA Cabbie Of Wrongdoing By Showing Him Rejecting The Advances Of A Passenger

Bear with me here, because this one is kind of a doozy: Back in April of 2012, a 39-year-old New Orleans cab driver, Hervey Farrell, gave 33-year-old Jennifer Gaubert, an attorney and former radio show host, a ride from the French Quarter to her home in Lakeview. 415 more words

Web Culture

Listening Post: The Hawk

I’m not big on the bar scene. And despite only living a block away from the popular Jayhawk Cafe, aka The Hawk, I’d never been until this week’s dollar night. 263 more words

"When you wanna take a selfie but the bartender is looking <<<<<< #firstworldproblems"

They do this on purpose.  So they can smack the shit out of drunk girls when they try and take selfies at the bar.


Feelings that hurt

Last night I went out, as I usually do on a Tuesday night (uni night), and if you’ve been following some of my previous posts, you will realise that their is a certain guy that keeps coming up in most blog posts (yuck sorry about that, he has obviously been on my mind way to much), but we have been getting together exclusively, the both of us. 268 more words

On How Much Alcohol is TOO Much

Whether you’re a dude or a chick, it’s just straight up not attractive to be completely wasted in public.

My British friend is always disappointed when nights end early out here, which is most likely due to the fact that things escalate quickly while drinking and people need to get home before they become dysfunctional. 365 more words