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The 12 Types Of Girls Who Hit On Bartenders


So after receiving some positive feedback from our community members about the original “12 Types Of Guys Who Hit On Bartenders” I decided to continue this series and do a dude version. 31 more words


14th July - Blonde Chicks and Porn - The Morning Playhouse


Get the scoop on Jane’s fucked up weekend with the blonde chick she picked up outside a club. Vodkka Radio is FULLY International with listeners now and porn covers of the 80′s! 10 more words

How To Pick Up Drunk Girls

Perhaps it is the way they slur their speech or maybe it’s just their utter lack of better judgment, but there’s something oddly endearing about drunk girls. 737 more words

How to Deal with the Fact that You're a Jealous Woman

You might have noticed that I have this boyfriend. He’s not my first, but he’s the first one who wasn’t either pressured on me or accepted due to extraordinary circumstances. 1,117 more words

Being In Relationships

The 5 Drunk Girls Everyone Knows And Loves (Or Hates)

It’s Saturday night and you’re going out with your girls. No one has been assigned the dreadful task of being DD because someone probably begged and bribed a sibling to drive everyone.  1,012 more words

Teach Me How to Dougie

Well, as promised, I have come back to the marvellous world of blogging a.k.a. making fun of legitimate dumbasses around me. A couple of things have changed for me in the past year and a half: 939 more words

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