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Powdered Alcohol May Be The New Thing Because...Drunk (VIDEO)

Welcome to the future.

Powdered alcohol may soon be a thing at liquor stores near you because…why not?

Palcohol, as it is cleverly called, was approved for consumption by the Federal Government just recently, but despite the name, the company that creates the powdery stuff wants you to know that you can’t snort it. 247 more words


Sippin' On Some? "Sizzurp" Cough Syrup To Be Pulled Off Market (DETAILS)

Bad news for sizzurp sippers everywhere.

The prescription cough syrup used to make the harmful but popular “purple drank” is being pulled off the shelves for good. 137 more words


The Guy Who's Convinced That Kevin Karlson Is Actually Meatloaf

Kevin Karlson and Pete McKenzie were out at a bar last night when they ran into a very friendly drunk man who was absolutely convinced that Kevin was classic rocker/reality TV star Meatloaf. 128 more words

Karlson & McKenzie

Jokes the Scotsman likes to tell aka Worst jokes ever

The Scotsman: Knock Knock

Me: Who’s there?

The Scotsman: Isabell

Me: Isabell Who?

The Scotsman: Is a bell necessary on a bicycle?

Still here? Okay, next! 128 more words


Page 5

He jolts awake, cold down to his bones, his jaw juddering. He’s shocked by instant intimate knowledge that he’s come this close to freezing right outside his own house. 491 more words


13 years: April 23

-For more in this series and the story behind it, see 13 years

13 Years