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Don’t get drunk and write a random letter to your bf, I guarantee you will feel slightly embarrassed when you wake up. I also guarantee a headache and the need for gingerale.

You Want Me To Put What, Where? #Sexfail

I recently just got over a breakup and as they say, there is no better way to get over somebody than to get under somebody else. 615 more words


My night to shine

So tonight I’m going out with a group of mates, since breaking up with my ex I haven’t kissed or done anything with anyone but now it’s time, it’s time to move on. 85 more words


It’s corrupting my soul
And emitting words
Like radiations from a forgotten planet
They had been soiled
Earthed to the ground
But the liquor makes my tongue languid… 39 more words


After Sex Awkward Moments

Yes I had to go there, this really happened. The title makes your eyes jump and your heart race faster out of curiosity. Wondering if you were part of this awkward list. 2,855 more words

Birthday! Things I've learned since the last one

“We are all failures- at least the best of us are.”

1. There is no such thing as a unique problem. It might seem like something you are facing is your problem and yours alone, but this past year I’ve digested a ton of stories and experiences of other people which are prettying identical to mine. 440 more words

Cruelest Things I've Done Ever (And Why I Did Them)

I just need to get these out of my system. Things the old me used to do, that I keep bottled up. Don’t hate me. 496 more words