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Shit Sports Reporting at Soccer

First published on the 10th October 2012, this is an article I wrote when I was told to cover the University of West Florida’s soccer team. 529 more words


The Better of Two Santas

“You! What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be over by the display racks,” the blue-vested employee called, just barely under a shout.

“Sorry? Who? 439 more words

Short Story


I need someone to explain to me the forces at work when other humans form associations regarding me. Not actual associations, but the ones that start out slightly humorous and then start morphing into something where I am like, “um…this isn’t what I meant to portray myself as”, but am at a loss for how to cut it off. 468 more words

Frustration, Limits, Realizations, and Drunken Grammar

This was almost an even more frustrating evening than it had to be because I could not connect to the internet initially. I fixed that obviously, but I have spent the last hour or so thinking about what I would write about and then I sat to finally write and I couldn’t. 591 more words

Activities Director

Keeping Promises When It Doesn't Matter

Ah shit got to get a Thursday blog out. Fuck drunk off tow 40s of O’English. I’m “drunk in the morning story” err yet me think. 84 more words


Meredith Music Festival 2014

I know Meredith Music Festival came to an end roughly five days ago. I know the hangovers have subsided and the dust washed from each punters set of eyes. 910 more words



I’m sitting in bed in the small hours of a Friday morning in my Christmas jumper, thoroughly pissed and eating a cheese toastie, which can only mean one thing. 353 more words