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The Rougher, the Better: A Sex-Capade

You know, with Valentine’s Day around the corner (not literally though; I still Halloween, Christmas, and New Years to worry about) and the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey just around the bend, I can’t say I haven’t thought about: … 939 more words

A bit green about the gills...

Jealousy helps relationships if it’s in moderation. I firmly believe this, though I know some would disagree. Think about it though: jealousy means that they are afraid to lose you. 940 more words

End Of The World

Wine Bottle (A Love Affair)

You’re vintage, and I adore you,

I lift you high, you gleam in the light,

Heavy in hand and hypnotic in sight,

With my sweaty fingers around your neck, 108 more words


Amsterdank !!!

So i love Amsterdam, i think it is a beautiful little city and i just adore it, for many reasons. Yes one of those reasons were due to the fact that you could smoke in a cafe, chill out have a coffee and a spliff. 524 more words


i always found it so pathetic how booze made me feel

fumbling over my words, I would slur with honesty

sippingĀ the bottle like it was a microphone to the truth…

37 more words

97 Days and counting....

Sorry to the five people who read my blog (one of them being my grandma).

I have been lazy and haven’t written as of late. 342 more words


Lust at First Sight

It was the best of lays, it was the worst of lays, that is the best way to begin the saga that is Number Nine (thanks to Nick for that opening line). 1,469 more words