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Some would call it a life of depravity, some would call it a life under an evil sun but he just lived and gave in to ‘pleasures’ of the bottle and philosophy in response to the pain he felt, a life unto death, the candle burning at both ends, at least the last twenty years of it. 618 more words

Editorial: Council's 'blotto' process

City council is occasionally criticized for the amount of time it spends behind closed doors. Meeting away from the public eye is supposed to be reserved for rare occasions, such as personnel matters or delicate real estate transactions. 387 more words


Incredibly responsible seven-year-old spotted driving drunk father home in China

RocketNews 24:

We’ve got a new candidate for the “Worst Father of the Year” award. And trust us–he’s got a very good chance at winning that title. 197 more words


How (Not) to be Drunk in Public

Here at @thisapartment.wordpress.com we have a knack for… interesting visitors.  And by that I mean we get drunk people coming over a lot.  Usually it’s not a big deal, but sometimes a person is absolutely BLACKED OUT.  820 more words


Tequila Volleyball

From our hotel room at the Playa Grande we would hear raucous male chants every afternoon around 2:30. There was “GO! GO! GO! GO!” followed by animalistic grunts of the Tim Allen variety. 140 more words


Saturday January 10.15

To the Drunken Muse:

Leave, take your enticing cup of lies,
leave the room of this life,
close the door
and go, do not return. 119 more words


Target 2: Dangerous Levels of Drunkenness at Lambeau

Lots of excited fans are getting ready for this weekend’s Packers – Cowboys game, and so are paramedics and police working it.

But they’re hoping it brings a change to what they call a concerning trend of dangerous drunkenness among some fans at home games this season. 681 more words