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How to get the Drupal 7 posts from mysql

It’s snippet time!

I needed to quickly extract all the articles on a Drupal site.
Every article has its own taxonomy term on a custom dictionary (myDictionary) so I needed to extract which term every article is set up. 95 more words


D7: Map blog feeds to Organic Groups (OG)

In a previous post, I proposed the idea that asking questions on stackexchange and stackoverflow is a good idea for Faking It Till You Make It (FITYMI).   513 more words


Drupal 7 node title show error when enter special characters

If you don’t want to allow special character in node title of Drupal node then you can do this with one simple hook hook_node_validate. This hook will be called when you create a new node or you update any existing hook. 66 more words


Preprocess variables only for certain blocks

function mytheme_preprocess_block(&$variables) {
  if ($variables['block']->bid === 'target_block_id') {
    // do something for this block
  } else if ($variables['block']->bid === 'other_target_block_id') {
    // do something else for this other block

Build a Responsive Web site with Drupal [Might 9, 2012]

Want to learn much more about Acquia’s products, providers, and happenings in the Drupal Community? Check out our internet site: http://bit.ly/yLaHO5. Everybody is going cellular … 17 more words


Amazon has taken an undisclosed stake in Acquia, a startup that provides commercial services around the open-source Drupal content management system. Acquia relies on Amazon Web Services to help the startup handle the 333 terabytes of bandwidth it serves up each month, Acquia CTO Dries Buytaert wrote in a… 38 more words


Amazon throws money into Drupal hosting company Acquia

Acquia, a startup that runs many websites based on the open-source Drupal content-management system, just got a major vote of confidence from the very company that provides Acquia’s underlying infrastructure. 208 more words