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Easy way to make a static page for Drupal 7

Ever wanted to make a static page for Drupal 7 to send people to?

I did, and I just created a static web page with an image and a link for the image to send visitors, when I want to, to a subfolder that already has static pages inside. 835 more words

Content Management Systems

Find that elusive Drupal node ID number

Don’t get battered by search engines, where they want you to write some php coding just to find out the Node ID of a Drupal post. 73 more words


Disabling clean URLs in drupal

This occasionally happens
after transferring databases between hosts,
taking a local copy,
restoring from a backup (and leaving the .htaccess behind),
deleting the .htaccess,
or even from your host (or you) making inadvertant security changes. 141 more words


Hiding anonymous welcome page - Drupal

There are different methods for removing Drupal anonymous “Welcome Page”  message.

1. Comment out and hide the code

For this  OPEN   drupal(YOUR DIRECTORY)/module/node/node.module

Fnd node_page_default() and comment the else part of if ($num_rows) using /* */ as shown below. 664 more words

Installing Drupal

My next assignment was to install WordPress on my server.  However as I chose WordPress as my CMS of choice for the previous assignment I decided to try my hand at installing Drupal instead.  472 more words


Acquia names software vet Chris Stone to lead its product business

Chris Stone, who left the world of software development for a stint as a VC at Epic Ventures, is back in the fold, joining Acquia as SVP of products and development. 255 more words