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Sambo don't get it

Älskar Drusilla och Spike!

Lyssnade precis på Rasputina och var tvungen att googla upp en bild på mina sötnosar.

(Drusilla nämner att hon gillar Rasputina i ett avsnitt, i fall ni har glömt det.) 41 more words


5 Things Dungeon & Dragons Taught Me

Nerd alert! I haven’t mentioned it before, but I’m pretty into Dungeons & Dragons. For those poor souls who are unfamiliar, you can find a quick summary… 516 more words

Real Life

Roman Decorum

Octavian and my marriage in its first days had become a source for public ridicule and political mudslinging. The public thought that the closeness of our marriage and my pregnancy was immoral; even knowing that Ocatavian and I had pontifical approval and that this was not the first case of a pregnant woman entering a new marriage. 135 more words

Ancient Rome

Matrimony Part II

Due to my obvious pregnancy, Octavian’s joining to me in matrimony was a sticky thing. We had options. There were three customary ways to enter into a man’s mannus, to become his property and live under his protection after marriage. 125 more words

Ancient Rome

Nero + Livia

By 39 BC I had been coexsisting with Nero for 3 years. Although I did not love him, he did not oppress me as many other Roman matrons were. 116 more words

Ancient Rome


On the day of my marriage my hair was separated into six sections by the ceremonial spear, then braided, and placed into a cone. I wrapped my hair in an orange veil and secured it with a marjoram wreath. 119 more words

Ancient Rome