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Salt & Light - Post Six

When I was dry & dead You filled me and took my hand. You brought me back to life.


Social or Spiritual

There are two kinds of religion that dominate the scene today: one, as we have mentioned, is social; the other is spiritual.

The spiritual church is on fire for God, preaching a complete Gospel – salvation, the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, the power to heal and deliver the power to break the yoke of bondage and live victoriously. 1,218 more words

Bible Study


What was the Prophet Ezekiel told to do in order to bring the dry dead bones of Israel back to life?
(1) Pray 40 days for them? 17 more words


The ISIS Delusion

A Dry Bones Cartoon ~

Yup. The comforting and accepted view of what the civilized world is now facing is, unfortunately wrong.

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Public Opinion

John Bidden "Dry Bones" [NEW MUSIC] [POLL]

Today’s “New at 2” is “Dry Bones” by John Bidden.

“Dry Bones is a great song. In the world in which we live, we witness all around us dry situations and circumstances that are destroying our families and many have lost hope. 89 more words

CeCe McGhee

Twenty Questions: #9 Why Does Your Teacher Eat With Tax Collectors And Sinners? (Matt. 9:11)

It is the most frequent complaint made against Jesus in the Gospels—not that His theology is bad, or that He fails to practice what He preaches, but that He hangs around with the wrong sort of people. 880 more words


Fading Memories

A Dry Bones Cartoon ~

It was a hopeful time, back then.

Even the slogan was “Hope”

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Public Opinion