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On the Way to a Creek

Two or three times I’ve driven a great distance across a high plains desert to fish dry flies on a wonderful spring creek. It’s just miles and miles of sagebrush, the odd cow, then an unexpected crystal clear serpentine creek. 110 more words

Dry Flies

Due to work and family commitments I was unable to get out and wet a line, during the spare time i had i thought i would start to replenish my stock of dry flies as the box was looking a little empty. 233 more words


The HI-Viz Parachute Variant

In this tying step-by-step instructional writing, I will be tying a Hi-Viz Parchute Variant. The materials you will need are the following: Standard dry fly hook, dull tying thread, Fine spectra dubbing(or any dubbing you think could substitute), tan rabbit fur dubbing, and a brown hackle to fit the size of hook. 173 more words

Dry Fly

"Go And Catch a Trout"

“At one stage I fished the Yellow Breeches Creek, along which I lived, almost eight evenings a week.”

Charles K. Fox – This Wonderful World of Trout… 496 more words

Floating Flies and How to Dress Them

by Fredric M. Halford 1886 via Thefishingmuseum.org

cold, depressed by closed rivers and the oncoming xmas onslaught ? here’s a little something that should distract you for at least a little while.  71 more words

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