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Trent Bridge

A great couple of days at the National Water Sport Centre, with impossibly green hills and ingenious use of Trent water, it’s something like Teletubbie Land for grown-ups. 190 more words

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Rock Cockles And Lace

Robin Hood, lace, Boots, Paul Smith – a few things sprang to mind with Nottingham but warrens of rock tunnels, castles and the oldest pub in the country didn’t. 160 more words

Dry Land


The Trent is a funny one – up in a flash and back down in one too. Apparently it’s all to do with hills and reservoirs in Derby.  188 more words

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Dry Land: Winning After 20 Years at Sea with the Pittsburgh Pirates

Chronicling a baseball season has been done many, many times.  Believe me, I’ve read quite a few.  As far as I can tell, they seem to come in two varieties: The Tale of the Winner (exciting and happy); or, The Tale of the Loser (tragic or mundane, depending on the scale of failure).   910 more words

Off Kilter

A quick trip along to the shop completed our Nicholson set, moaning all they way to the till - ‘Nottingham, York and the North East’ is way thinner than any other addition, technically meaning it should cost less. 156 more words

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Final coat slapped on, there was time for other delights like carpet shampooing and cleaning out the engine bay. Three days in dim light plus the crazy hour shift added to by the clock stopping in the middle of the night resulted in a fairly trippy, disorienting experience – gin and tonics onboard Foxglove was a welcome re-introduction to life beyond the dry dock, thank… 226 more words

Dry Land

Black Noir Nero Schwarz Preto

Racing along with blacking brushes early (ish) this morning, the second coat was done by mid-day. The afternoon continued with the same black theme…a quick roller touch up along the gunnels and some black stuff on the stove. 119 more words

Dry Land