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Cat Got Your Artificial Tongue?

Cracking “taste” has been so hard because it is actually compromised of at least three senses: taste (as in sweet, salty, etc), smell, and mouthfeel. There are artificial tongues that can taste sweetness and even artificial tongues that feel the smoothness of fat in the mouth.

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The Perfect solution for Dry Skin

If you are a person suffering from dryness then here’s the solution which worked for me.  Along with some tips.

First of all do not use a lot of hot water. 52 more words


Hair Winter Tips

So its winter, its getting colder and depending on how your hair works, the weather is stripping your hair of much needed nutrients and moisture. Need some help or tips, check out Naptural85 again with some methods to help you out; however it is all trial and error so be sure to customize your ingredients for you.


Results of Accepting Dryness with Love

Even if my soul knows nothing but aridity and shadows, with each one of my breaths I feel a gentleness all impregnated with love that overrides that which I feel in moments of fervour, when I say with an ardent heart, “Jesus, I love you.” And this, because I accept with love this dryness of soul.

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ACCUTANE WILL DESTROY YOUR ACNE (and Might Kill you)- My Accutane Journey

    Accutane. What a nice medicine. This sh*t is the worst thing that can happen to you, as well as the greatest. It will destroy you, and you’ll have to cope with it, but once you’ll have waited long enough, you will… 562 more words


Is This One Of The Best Winter Skin Saviours Around?

Dry skin sufferers, take note, (especially during the autumn and winter seasons when the central heating is turned on high!): A humidifier might just change your skin forever, making your complexion satiny soft. 25 more words

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I love red hair. I do.

If I could get my hair to grow red, I trust me, I would. My life would be perfect. 305 more words

The Journey