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On the Eve of Deliverance

Remember that on the eve of their deliverance, God’s chosen people were afflicted more than they had ever been; burden after burden was laid upon their shoulders, and they were cruelly scourged… You must believe that your trials are the heralds of great joy, for no soul deserves to possess peace and the delights of love, until it has been wearied in combat and tasted the bitterness of spiritual desolation.
Saint John of Ávila


Personal Lubricant News

Personal Lubricant
News & New Product Announcements:
Lubricant is an important part of sex, especially if using a condom. Without lubricant it is like rubbing a large rubber band across your sex organs. 130 more words


“Our dried voices, when we whisper together are quiet and meaningless as wind in dry grass” Eliot


Bread of Life (Finding Purpose)

We often approach pieces of Scripture in which there are so many different methods of interpreting it, where the majority will yield great fruits. Today, I would like to touch on a piece of Scripture that is usually used to preach about believing in Christ, but I will actually discuss it in another point of view (I will discuss the most common point of view in future posts). 559 more words


Location, Location, Location

In my Coded UI Test (CUIT) page objects, I encapsulate locator data into a Locator object. A locator defines and specifies the search for a specific HTML control in the target web application. 747 more words

Clean and DRY Verifiers

In a Coded UI Test (CUIT), a test method is a method that has attribute TestMethod. A test method is what many might call a test script. 423 more words