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Accutane Update! How Many Weeks Are There in 70Days? That's Right! WEEK 10! - Accutane Progress

It’s been 10weeks. It represents a lot, because I never thought I’d get this far. Like, really. The initial breakout made me want to stop this crap and hide in my room forever. 288 more words



I posted a new article called ‘Maturity’ at the end of the ‘Our ways to a balanced life’ page. I had the idea of doing a post on this subject while observing my friend’s little sister. 152 more words


Accept Me, Lord, as I Accept Your Will

Never have I felt dryness and cold comparable to those which I know right now, and all this to the point of thinking that I’ve never even known what it means to love the good God.

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gratitude week: day one

I am Thankful for

Living Water, that quenches my thirst, when I am dry.

To share your thoughts and photos for a week of Gratitude, go here.


Cat Got Your Artificial Tongue?

Cracking “taste” has been so hard because it is actually compromised of at least three senses: taste (as in sweet, salty, etc), smell, and mouthfeel. There are artificial tongues that can taste sweetness and even artificial tongues that feel the smoothness of fat in the mouth.

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The Perfect solution for Dry Skin

If you are a person suffering from dryness then here’s the solution which worked for me. ¬†Along with some tips.

First of all do not use a lot of hot water. 52 more words


Hair Winter Tips

So its winter, its getting colder and depending on how your hair works, the weather is stripping your hair of much needed nutrients and moisture. Need some help or tips, check out Naptural85 again with some methods to help you out; however it is all trial and error so be sure to customize your ingredients for you.