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No Need to Wake Him

Little Jesus keeps on sleeping. He hasn’t woken yet, and since a long time, he has given me no joyful news. But, not wanting to interrupt his sleep, I let him sleep in peace in my heart.

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Looking For Healing Dry Cuticles?!

I have used Organic Argan Oil for to reduce frizz and dryness of my hair recently and its results were great but this time I wanted to heal my dry cuticles around my nails. 64 more words


Another tale of this heap of sheep

This heap of sheep doesn’t know about brains

if it did

it might use them to design better drains

which could help keep it dry… 15 more words


Apparently in the Lurch in Bethany

When he does not hesitate to leave the two beloved women in Bethany without an answer and apparently in the lurch, he demonstrates in advance that on the Cross he will feel forsaken by his Father, although he knew beforehand that “the hour is already here in which you will leave me alone… But I am not alone, for the Father is with me” (Jn 16:32; cf.

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Am I Near the Fire Still?

Thence she melted into a river of tears, and said in a sweet glow of love: “O sweet and good Jesus, where were You when my soul was in such affliction?” Sweet Jesus, the Spotless Lamb, replied: “I was beside you.

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bon sound

A sabre toothed mama
walkin’ down the street
tryin’ to see her children
slaving for the beat.

O hungry mama
wearing lots of
clothes, working… 45 more words

Rain forecasting

I was out taking photos in the vineyards in canton Valais Tuesday but the skies, rapidly changing, were almost more interesting. Rain was on the way, and about time, as it has been very, very dry. 119 more words