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Changes in Attitude

I looked into his eyes and sensed a storm was brewing.  The winds of change?  More like a tornado.  

This morning after our workout and my usual dog walk, he instructed me to go shower as I would be receiving my daily maintenance today.   490 more words

D/s Relationship

Sad but grateful

Time seems to run double speed when we are together with H. I was back at home for five days last week and now it’s the time again when our time together came to an end for a while. 577 more words

D/s Relationship


I read a quote today that had something to do with woman over-thinking things. So apparently this is our nature. I think too much therefore I over-think? 500 more words

D/s Relationship

I may have overdone it.  I wasn’t feeling my best yesterday, mentally or physically.  We went out to meet some new friends, got into one of our usual pissing matches…” I did it because YOU….blah blah blah”… Second day in a row that I said something to piss him off…unintentionally of course.   393 more words

D/s Relationship

My Trouble With Public Transport.

This is a topic that I spend a lot of time contemplating.
There is a little bit of distance between my Sir and I, and public transport would work out cheaper than me constantly booking taxis to get me from A to B, and back again. 886 more words


Day 5: It's Friday

Friday….Should be called Fryday.  That’s how I feel.  Kind of burnt out and discouraged.  About?  With me, it’s always a plethora of things.  Work, environment, lack of sun and warm weather…that’s probably a lot of it.   246 more words

D/s Relationship

Day3: All By Myself

There are days that feel a million hours long. Those days for me are especially days where he is away. He would say it is because I dont have anything to keep me occupied. 270 more words

D/s Relationship