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When It Doesn't Work

“Can I have some time with you when I get home around 6:30?” Kilo asked when he texted me on Sunday afternoon. I wanted to send him something snarky back like, “Sure, if you don’t bail this time,” but that wouldn’t have accomplished anything except making both of us more angry. 1,001 more words


Abuse of Power, Consent and Other Important Distinctions

So it is my turn to write a Jian Ghomeshi post. Well not really! I am not following it as closely as I could be, I am not him or any of the women who have come forward about their experiences with him. 988 more words

D/s Relationships

Thoughts on Domination

(Photo: from a RP shoot at Twisted Orchid BDSM Club for Black Sheets Magazine)

Bruises on display – yay or nay?

Change, it’s almost always painful and hardly ever comfortable. 892 more words

Sugar Vegas

Triangulation (and squaring things)

Where do I begin? The past Friday would be the date yes.

Well, there was an event that we – me, pet, Master protector – wanted and programmed to attend since the very day after we met. 1,682 more words

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Vade mecum of the smart submissive

A “Vade mecum” - from Latin – is a type of reference work or collection of instructions that is intended to provide reference on a special subject, a simple, all-embracing pocket reference to be carried at all times with you, small enough to be held in your hand. 1,118 more words

Daily Posts