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Triangulation (and squaring things)

Where do I begin? The past Friday would be the date yes.

Well, there was an event that we – me, pet, Master protector – wanted and programmed to attend since the very day after we met. 1,682 more words

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Vade mecum of the smart submissive

A “Vade mecum” - from Latin – is a type of reference work or collection of instructions that is intended to provide reference on a special subject, a simple, all-embracing pocket reference to be carried at all times with you, small enough to be held in your hand. 1,118 more words

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Beware the danger

It is important to share these informations which can help every submissive in identifying the danger that lingers in our world: unstable, abusive people that can seriously harm and damage you not only physically, but emotionally and psychologically. 525 more words

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The work of a submissive

You must have questioned yourself about this one. What is the work of a submissive, where his/her efforts should find priority? In the pleasing of their Masters through mere obedience, getting shaped by their efforts, or learning first how to serve them at best, which would please them even greatly? 483 more words

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The aftermath

This week I took time to ponder carefully all that happened, so to put it in the right perspective. A need I had, for am not use to shift aside what I cannot understand. 652 more words

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I'm a Bitch

It’s true, I am a bitch! I like things the way I like them. I like when things run the way they should. I like when you do as you are told. 532 more words