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T21 October - Celebrating Maddie

Here’s one of our home grown Aussies! Maddie Moo is 16 months old and lives in Tasmania.

Her greatest challenge has been facing Open Heart Surgery at 6 months of age. 173 more words

Given Up Hope

Just when I had given up all hope of ever finding a lawyer to take my appeal of the restraining order I got a phone call last Friday from a lawyer.  102 more words


The Ghost

I am walking down the street passing different stores and the ghost is there.  Right over there in that doorway.  The Ghost.  slight pain.  Over there sitting in The Melting Pot.  211 more words



Tuesday night was delightful. I’ve got the bruises to prove it. They are darker, bigger than I’ve ever had before. Still a bit achy even today. 113 more words


Eyes Wide Shut

I had my one to one therapy today and into the darkness I fell yet again.  Remembering all the things I do not want to.  Baring my soul one more time.  229 more words


Traits of a Good Submissive

I have been avoiding this post for a while, not sure how or where to start. It requires a lot of personal digging, which I am not very fond of. 1,329 more words