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i captured your breath of wisdom between my lips & then released our experimental neighborhood of malcontent mantras… whispering is a process of adopting connections as though we were traveling by plane between your skin & mine:… surrender is found in my tears even as my inhale: slows so that i may better come to terms with your sacrificial offerings… there is a cost even when another soul contributes to my resurrection:… my bones contain fireworks:… there is a library here, but you must be willing to read between every space of my grandmother’s prayer beads… it is only then that you will be able to find me… sometimes breathing:… 31 more words


Monsters Present...Rapid Reviews! (August 2014)

This is going to be hard. If my writing is one thing, it’s too long, so our Rapid Review series is a great monthly column that will push my limits. 983 more words

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Mistress Cleo/ Cleopatra the sub

Allow me, if you will please, to submit this thought that I’ve been pondering. As I am fascinated by ancient civilizations and history, I have oft read about Cleopatra and the many myths and stories surrounding her life. 398 more words


Slave Girl Sex Doll

I received notice that my Sir had a new toy and was now the proud owner of Slave girl sex doll - 389 more words


you caught me breathing into my hands:… using alchemy to cleanse my palate as my taste is temperamental… it is i who causes a groan of necessity to cascade between your ear & throat:… i am your paradox of instability straddling your carcass while i feed you blasphemy:… & you thought yourself a philosopher with an ability to disregard my magicke… shame on you, as i now own your soul… i am confident & determined in my ability to fill your needs:… for there is no one within my bones… you are naive… yet, rare is my gratitude as you serve me:… 18 more words


Debate Club: Tablets Just Aren't Practical To Use As Gaming Peripherals

I generally am of the mindset that playing a game should be as simple and streamlined of an experience as possible. That isn’t to say that games themselves should be super simplistic, but the actual playing of a game should be mostly effortless. 995 more words

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My Heart Beats For You



How do I express

the extreme love

that I have for 


There aren’t enough words,

there aren’t enough

I love You’s in the world… 99 more words

Submissive Thoughts