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If communication is the key, I don’t want to see the ugly piece of shit lock that it fits into. For once, my body is calm even if my head is a mess and I’m focusing on my breathing and on keeping my friend afloat. 324 more words


Buried under so much stress

i can’t think, hurts to feel

One touch, one caress

You care, You make me feel

How is it that You reach into my soul? 187 more words


Dom or Douche: Part 1-- The Good Guy

I’ve been talking to people who identify as Dominant for a while now, most of them online, but occasionally face-to-face.  Because I’m a heterosexual woman, my interactions (at least the potentially flirtatious ones) are generally with males.   272 more words



Ragged breathing
Arrhythmic beating
Locking eyes
Slippery thighs
Ass whack
Arching back

Undulating hips
Soft fingertips
A rhythm, silent
Compelled, compliant
Speckles of light
Thoughts in flight… 76 more words



She knows it is wrong.

She wears her white dress with purple flowers. It hugs her modestly at breast and hips. The hem of the skirt ebbs and flows at the top of her calves. 94 more words


On naked strangers

Images of naked strangers leave him cold

Nudity has become far too common a currency to attract his attention or pique his interest.

A body is a body.  126 more words


A lovely message

I received a lovely message on Fetlife from a Dom in another city.

” You are prepared to be vulnerable and reflect on what things have been painful without turning cynical, this is a measure of resilience and perhaps helps explain why being a submissive works well for you. 24 more words

Thirty Something