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Thing Thursday

Bringing you the best in objectification!

I found this photo via Tumblr, and loved what the sub in the photo had to say about objectification and kink: 281 more words


Sir's and my First Moment

“Distance means so little when someone means so much” -Unknown.

Four hundred or so kilometers. Roughly eight hours on a train, nerves and excitement ran through my body as i got off at the train station.

196 more words

The Ultimate Indulgence Part Four: Just dessert

This post contains naughty words and thoughts not safe for work. It depicts D/s and voyeur sex themes, contains erotic, mature and sexual language. Consider yourself informed… My erotica is the rawest of my writing, it does not contain the mystical lyricism I express elsewhere. 1,995 more words


I Probably Shouldn't Have

I took a long lunch and headed to the east side of T Town to visit a different Allied Records. I hadn’t been there in a few months and it has a Goodwill near by. 246 more words

In Person Pick Ups

Random thoughts - beginnings of a rant

“The Gift of Submission”

“Know why you submit to Me as I lay claim apon you….”

The two above quotes, are examples of the type of thing I hear daily… From internet rhetoric to romanticizing the position of a dominant (2nd quote is a direct copy/paste from a writing, yes i know its spelled Upon). 312 more words


Thank you for loving me


Thank you for loving me. Thank you for loving me even when it’s not so easy, when I’m being difficult, or when I exhaust you, or when I fall short in some way. 471 more words

It's all over! It is ... Wait..? - Day 5

This morning was frustrating, I had knocked off the peg You had placed on my pussy last night and I felt quite disappointed by that… I had liked the way it kept brushing against the duvet as W/we lay in bed. 512 more words