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Cats, Curiosity and the Renaissance Man

It’s 4:00 in the MORNING….

There is so much spinning about in my head tonight.  I am all over the place.  I feel unsettled.  I feel curious. 445 more words



Where I am..

Where I need to be..

I need grounding, I need to just be…at his feet. *sighs*


Happy Birthday to Femdom Lifestyle Blog

Femdom Lifestyle is one year old today! There are so many ways to celebrate…

There is the birthday spanking…

There is the birthday reward…

There is the birthday sex… 12 more words


Set Free

Held close together

Restricted and suspended

Long to be set free

Of the ties that bind the mind

Masterfully bound, released



Old and New

It feels like days have passed; Logically I know that my time away from Master has only been just over 24 hours at a time. I miss him so much, and the new guidelines and rules Master set for me have been being followed to a T. 1,105 more words


Diamonds, emeralds, and more...

Why do I cry sometimes? Why do I still have those times that I feel like I’m pretending? Why do sit in your empty apartment and turn my music up as loud as humanly possible and try to drown out my own thoughts? 288 more words