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Words of the Year: "Graduate" and Company

I took ds106′s Daily Create Challenge for today: to make a piece of art in celebration of my “word of the year.” I choose “graduate,” but the words didn’t stop there.


Welcome to my home in fifteen pictures

I chose my house because it was at night and I was already in my loungewear so I wasn’t really up to venturing anywhere except my backyard (and even then that’s a little iffy at night!) The time went much faster than I thought it would- hence my trying to squeeze 20 minutes into 15 (we do everything a little bit slower in the south, right?)  I spent too much time at first trying to find the best option for each type of photo, so by the end I was rushing around like a mad woman.  160 more words


Looking At and Through Open Education

It’s difficult to understand what is delightful about a kaleidoscope by looking at (rather than through) one, but it is equally unproductive to gain an understanding of what makes it so by only looking through one. 1,258 more words


De ja vu

she comes sliding
twisting her way
and by dawn
you know the secret is safe

as our eyes catch in passing
all the while
incoming flashes of disaster… 60 more words



Big ol’ moon is pullin’
like way back when
the tide was ever turning
could you look upon yourself?
could you?
would you?
look upon yourself… 178 more words



Kicked down the door
fell on the floor
eyes all crossed
like a symbol for poison
been in the drink
for damn near two weeks… 117 more words



Days gone by
like an old sedan
blue pedals flaked away
laid their blanket
down upon these
crippled streets and
all those alive
three piece suits… 125 more words