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"The 5 People you Meet in Heaven?"

I took today’s daily create challenge from ds106: Create your own Book Spine Story. Here’s the result!

Daily Create

My Brief Career as Foley Artist

For :30 this week, I had the distinct privilege of being a Foley Artist. As part of my DS106 assignment, I had to create :30 worth of Foley audio to go along with this Charlie Chaplin clip: 342 more words


Making sounds is hard!

Write a blog post that includes an embedded version of your foley recording. Include your list of brainstormed sounds and the objects or methods used to create the sounds.

429 more words

Lions and Tigers and...well...just a Lion, Oh My! (Chaplin-Foley)

Audio tracks starts at 2:31 in the YouTube clip

For this exercise, we looked at the Foley technique and used what we learned in the… 366 more words

Words of the Year: "Graduate" and Company

I took ds106′s Daily Create Challenge for today: to make a piece of art in celebration of my “word of the year.” I choose “graduate,” but the words didn’t stop there.

Daily Create

Welcome to my home in fifteen pictures

I chose my house because it was at night and I was already in my loungewear so I wasn’t really up to venturing anywhere except my backyard (and even then that’s a little iffy at night!) The time went much faster than I thought it would- hence my trying to squeeze 20 minutes into 15 (we do everything a little bit slower in the south, right?)  I spent too much time at first trying to find the best option for each type of photo, so by the end I was rushing around like a mad woman.  160 more words


Looking At and Through Open Education

It’s difficult to understand what is delightful about a kaleidoscope by looking at (rather than through) one, but it is equally unproductive to gain an understanding of what makes it so by only looking through one. 1,258 more words