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İbrala barajının bilinmeyenleri http://www.ibrala.com/ibrala-barajinin-bilinmeyenleri/

İbrala barajının bilinmeyenleri http://bit.ly/Qe4Nxg
Yeşildere’mize kazandırılan dev eser İbrala barajı 2011 yılında tamamlanarak halkımızın hizmetine girdi. Barajımıza ilişkin sayısal bilgileri sizinle paylaşmak istedik.

Barajın Yeri… 21 more words

The DSI can help your career – Podcast

SNIA Chairman Emeritus Wayne Adams and I talk about how the Data Storage Innovation Conference can help you expand your horizons in your current job and how it can help you grow in your career. 23 more words

Data Center

How do you cover Virtualization, Big Data, Cloud, Compliance and Software-defined Storage?

SNIA’s DSI Conference can help with all the hats you wear

Things really changed after the financial downturn a few years ago. First, IT staffs got thinner at the height (depths) of the recession and people had to pick up the slack and cover the functions that others used to do. 412 more words


Bringing Storage, Cloud Computing and Virtualization Vendors Under One Tent

Why IT Needs A Vendor Neutral Technology Showcase

Many of today’s IT industry trade shows are hosted by the big industry juggernauts. While many of these events have value, the fact is, you’re only playing in their “World”. 454 more words


How DSI's Hands-On Labs Teach You About New Products – Podcast

Data center managers and storage architects get to touch, feel and learn about new products on the market at SNIA’s Data Storage Innovation Conference later this month in Santa Clara. 44 more words


Design for 'Glocal' Innovation: The Power of Cross-Cultural Groups

originally published on Good.is

It had been about two months since I packed up my bags and moved from Israel to New York to pursue a masters degree in Design for Social Innovation. 560 more words