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CNET How To - Use your Android as a dSLR remote

http://cnet.co/1t5FePk Some Android handsets have the capability to act as an infrared remote for a dSLR. CNET’s Lexy Savvides shows you how to get started.
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A journey to building my portfolio


This blog will be taking you on my journey into my photography trips out which will helping me build my portfolio for university to persue my career Photojournalism, I have been a keen (Amature) photographer for a number of years now, I started out with a Fuji FinePix-S4200 (Bridge Camera) but only recently got my hands on my first DSLR camera (Canon 300D) It’s a great little budget DLSR and it does the job perfect for me till i can afford to buy the Mid-Range DSLR i want to buy. 45 more words


Shoot School's Autumn Update.

As we finally leave the summer behind, its time to start thinking about the best uses for all your free time now that you’re not out base-jumping, cliff diving, free running, mountain climbing and picnicing in the park. 271 more words

I downgraded from Red Scarlet MX to Blackmagic Production Camera, but it feels like an upgrade!

I’ve thought long and hard about my next move, camera-wise. My Red Scarlet MX was eligible for upgrading to an Epic for 9000US$, or upgrading to a Scarlet Dragon for 9500US$. 636 more words

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You Are Loved (day 24)

Today’s photography adventure took me to my backyard. I was hanging some products on a fence to try and display the front and back of the garment. 99 more words


Howth Summit Dublin

Taken from Howth Summit Dublin Irelnad