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Yin and Yang

“Yin and Yang” is used to describe how opposite or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world; and, how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.  110 more words


Project 52: Week 1

In an attempt to become more familiar with my brand spanking new Canon dslr, I am going to embark on a photo challenge. This will entail taking pictures according to a theme each week and then posting them on my blog. 85 more words

Photowalks (April '14)

This months Photowalk session focused on Motion – both freezing it and capturing it blurred.

We utilized the Sports Mode setting on our cameras (depicted by the icon of a running man) to freeze motion and make it appear as it nothing was moving (i.e speeding cars looked as if they were motionless, simply stopped on the road). 74 more words


Photography: Using a Polarizing Filter

This week I had to photography something in a glass cabinet, this can be tricky due to reflections and glare off the glass. To reduce this I used a polarising filter. 119 more words


Opteka HG1 HeavyDuty Aluminum Ultra HandGrip Handheld Stabilization System

Definately! dslr cameras come in 2 consumer kind of guises. You get reasonable and professional, separated not only by what they will do, but how fast they’ll do it and with what resolution, but by the price of this sort of digital camera. 340 more words


Photography: What to learn first?

Photography is an art form, and with each art form there are doctrines. Art is often associated with breaking the rules, but no great artists became great by ignoring the fundamentals. 381 more words