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1988 result using a supercomputer: 4.2 seconds

2015 simulation of mine on a Mac: 4.2 seconds

Hence, or otherwise, I give you abstract windows of a favourite art gallery of mine in London.


29/365 - Tethered | Bind | Tied

My first thought was this image when I read the prompt today.  I don’t wear watches normally but I am so tethered by time.  Obsessed with it actually.   21 more words



Its still too early for daffodils but my mum picked these up from a local shop and they really do make the kitchen brighter and more cheerful for this time of year, which I thought I’d spread around



29 | 365.

my keepsake would have to be this photo. I have had it for countless years. I can’t remember why i have it or how i got it but i’ve always kept close care of it. 45 more words

Project 365

Guess the close up

Can you guess what is pictured here in these close up shots? 6 more words



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