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Namrata,3rd year, EE.


My palms were sweaty, my heart thumping, my mind miraculously clear even at that momentous occasion. The eyes of my friend, equally tense, were fixated on the mobile I was holding. 266 more words


Lives Led With Others

Aradhana Gahlaut, 2nd Year, ENE

“We will meet; and there we may rehearse most obscenely and courageously.”

- William Shakespeare,

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

You see it everywhere.

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Of Darkness and Light

Aradhana Gahlaut, 2nd Year, ENE

They moved on unending paths of Light;

Watching the Earth fade away,

As they sped towards the stars.

They watched as the night cracked and fell away; 56 more words


A Review: Are you Punjabi By Nature?

Arihant Kuba, 2nd year, ME.

Punjabi by Nature is a north Indian cuisine restaurant. This is a review of the branch in the Vasant Kunj mall. 125 more words


Apps To Help You Travel

Arihant Kuba, 2nd year, ME.


Are you in a new city? All you have is your phone? These apps might help.

  •   Google Maps: Free App available for both iOS and android.
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Hottest Trends: Summer '14

Damini Goel, 3rd year, PIE

With winters gone, it is time to get your summer clothes out of the closet, girls! Add some zing to your college wardrobe, let out the unusual! 436 more words