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Reminds me of this post.

Empty words are fake promises, but my love is true & sincere,

I await the day we shall meet, the victory of my love so sweet, 71 more words


Let me grow or let me go - Unleashing the hidden feminism in me. [Part 1]

Every girls dream dies. In this cruel world.

Pondering, and learning about the contribution of women to knowledge, to the society, to the collection of dozen billion books that we have today, which if not for them, we wouldn’t have had them…..Been wondering what happened to our current society. 409 more words

Allah SWT

Seerah Episode 58. The Prophet Goes to Ta’if

— The Prophet was in sujood at the Haram for an extended period of time

  • Abu Jahl was dared by other Quraysh leaders to put his foot on the Prophet’s neck & choke him while he was in sujood…
  • 2,304 more words

Love at first sight

It is nearly time to leave but my feet just will not carry me. Not because I am a seventy three year old woman nor because the mercury has broken through the fifty degree mark. 3,984 more words