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the more golden than red ticket


It’s a weird feeling when you go to book a flight somewhere but can’t go through with the final step because the standard everyday, black and silver passport you have used your entire life won’t suffice. 404 more words


Putting Humpty Back Together

A and I have been friends since 1954, when we became neighbours in Aarhus, Denmark. Our two families shared a private road, and somewhere underneath the tarmac is buried a tin can containing bit and pieces from around 1957, drops of our blood and a letter to the aliens who will surely one day dig it up. 263 more words

I Tried to Open a Bank Account

I tried to open a bank account a couple of days ago. Apparently, it wasn’t supposed to be easy for me. To open a bank account you need: passport, student ID card, student visa, 50-100hkd, proof of a permanent home address from your home country and Hong Kong. 632 more words

Exchange Student