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Nothing but dualism
in our existence, oppositeness & the ever
changing changes continuously transforming
all existence bringing about evolution
towards Unity in All under Heaven. …
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Probably the Single Best Theology I Have Ever Read in under Five Minutes

Well, it’s actually notes on a speech from last year, but I can feel the speaker’s intend effect nonetheless:


Some selected excerpts: 

“The Australian government had a policy to take away these children from their mothers, because they believed that their mothers had no capacity to raise children because they were not human beings. 426 more words

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Question #109!

With Will already having the positive and good questions out of the way, it is time to make room for the bad ones…. Mwahahaha!

1.) What is one (or two or three or four) of the worst books you have ever read, and why? 45 more words

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Why Reincarnation fails for a Christian: The Aristotelian-Christian understanding of Man and the defense against Dualism

It would be easy to justify why Christians don’t believe reincarnation by saying “Well, there’s heaven, so how can we be born again?”

Actually, there’s a lot of underlying Christian Philosophy working that doesn’t reach the surface, partly because it… 2,167 more words


In essence we are
& not because of our mortal
earthly being, body & brain, but
because of our immortal soul.

In essence death is… 220 more words

Everything is Return.
Return is the universal
& general action-mode of all
being & non-being under Heaven.

As such … (every-) one should be happy… 46 more words

[18 September 2014] God's Message - Separation

God‘s message to humanity:

There are humans that consciously don’t want to be with me.
They will learn from all the problems that come when they are away from me.
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