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LUDOVICI: The Ugliness of Socrates

The life of Socrates is well known in the philosophical community. It is generally believed that Socrates was wrongfully condemned to death for corrupting the youth of Athens, and that he died as a martyr to Truth and to independent thought. 714 more words



If you are thinking about two people having a sword fight, ‘a duel’ you are not too far wrong.

Dualism is the belief that two things have existed forever and are in conflict with each other. 111 more words

Confessions of a Facebook Addict: Social Networking and the Death of Dualism

by Jacob Warn

We live in an age of liberation; an age in which the individual has autonomy. Travel, entertainment and technologies have never been so cheap, relatively speaking. 1,441 more words


I Don’t Want “YOU”: Begin A New Life

I don’t want “YOU”:

As an alteration of consciousness,

A fleeting something has been sent to convict impolite silence in a conversation,

Vagrant lapses in consciousness—from depression to prayer, 236 more words


Diamond Sutra: chapter 6

Subhuti asked the Buddha, “In the future, if a person hears this teaching, even if it is a only a phrase or sentence, is it possible for that person to have Enlightenment awaken in their mind?” 503 more words


On Mind-Body Dualism - It's Turtles All the Way Down!

In this his essay The Nature of Mind, David Armstrong proposes an account of the mind that he claims is not contradictory to or incompatible with the scientific materialist model of the mind. 2,038 more words

Cartesian Dualism

Book Review: Learning to Walk in the Dark

Learning to Walk in the Dark by Barbara Brown Taylor, HarperOne,2014, 200 pp.

This book was not what I expected. As always, because it is Barbara Brown Taylor, it was beautifully written, with deep observations and insights, God-tinged at every turn. 1,142 more words

Book Review