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Dualism, physicalism, and health

I think therefore I exercise.  Do you believe you are two different kinds of things (an immaterial mind and a material body), or do you believe that the mind is not an immaterial substance that is different from the physical world? 20 more words

P3: What Am I?

The hard problem

Phenomenological Psychology studies how people experience consciousness, the qualitative sensation of mental states and our awareness of the experience. Qualitative states of consciousness bring up a ‘hard’ problem – the… 558 more words

Psychological Issues

The Intermediate State and the Soul (Part 2): A Response

So a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog in response to Garrett Crawford’s philosophy of the mind (found here). A day later Crawford responded with a very brief, and very rude… 1,770 more words


The Tom Wright Connection, Part 1

This is part 1 of a four-part post on my connections to N. T. Wright, the prolific New Testament scholar.

Many people have observed the similarity between… 572 more words

Fake Art

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s real. 

That’s because humanity has this propensity for telling itself stories. We’ve become so inundated with fiction that it’s replaced a great deal of what would have been real world experiences. 981 more words

What does it mean to live as a foreigner?

Hebrews 11 says that Abraham lived “like a stranger in a foreign country” even while living in the Promised Land. He lived as an alien and a stranger, not interested in returning to his homeland and “longing for a better country.” He was searching for a “city with foundations, who architect and builder is God.” 754 more words


Plato Pt.1

Hello sweetheart,

Despite philosophy ageing back centuries before Socrates and Plato, with these two men is where the syllabus begins.
Today I choose to focus on Plato; perhaps the philosopher that I identify the most with. 1,805 more words

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