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I read that neuroscience stuff on reddit...some thoughts on that

Well well, look who we have here.

Thats what i like to say, but since im not seeing you in person right now that’d be kinda awkward. 767 more words

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Purging from converging with the Emerging Church's view of 'God'

“Christianity in its institutional forms has really been a dualist religion, meaning always seeing the world in terms of good and evil, us and them, in and out; you know–black and white… always seeing the world in very binary terms. 506 more words


The Princess and the Philosopher: Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia’s Denial of Substance Dualism

George P. Simmonds
Oxford Brookes University


I: The Princess and the Philosopher

René Descartes was a prominent seventeenth-century philosopher well credited for his philosophic contribution to the Early Modern period (Anderson, 2004). 3,706 more words


Six reasons to believe in god: A analysis of a sceptical dualist

Hello there!

Took me some time to write a new blog post huh? Well, im sorry. I was kind of busy reading a lot of stuff about a few of my favorite topics out there. 2,266 more words

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The mind / body dualism of 'Edge of Tomorrow'

This weekend, I watched the movie, ‘Edge of Tomorrow‘, also known as ‘Live. Die. Repeat.’  It’s the latest in a common motif in science fiction and fantasy, the time loop story, where the hero repeats the same events over and over until they find a way to break out.   1,009 more words


The Duel of the Dualist

I match your movements, patiently…

And you mine, in this pageantry

Fighting forth to earn my Name,

Black grease dripping down my mane-

My cold hard appendage, is seeking fame!!! 168 more words


Friedrich Nietzsche, The Will to Power, Book 4: Discipline and Breeding (Duality)

What is mediocre in the typical man? That he does not understand the necessity for the reverse side of things: that he combats evils as if one could dispense with them; that he will not take the one with the other – that he wants to erase and extinguish the typical character of a thing, a condition, an age, a person, approving of only one part of their qualities and wishing to abolish the others. 123 more words