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The Judgement Jungle

Let’s Re-Frame Judgement A Bit . . .

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to judge a person’s behavior and/or choices whether it personally affects you or not?   300 more words


Some Thoughts On the Fibonacci Sequence, by Bamboo-Water . . . great job and many thanks for this far better explanation that I was able to offer :) ~J

The Fibonacci Sequence–Nothing Special–Just a “Template”–

For Building Life–Across the Multiverse . . .

In thinking about the Fibonacci Sequence, it helps to look at the definition… 776 more words


Origin of Evil is Divine

“It is evident that Luria conceived the eternal, infinite Godhead that preceded these processes to be imperfect, with the origins of evil deeply imbedded in it in a potential manner. 48 more words

Isaac Luria

On Dualism

Woah dualism. Big word. I know. But it is a very interesting thing to discuss about. This topic has been on my mind ever since my interviewer from Oxford University gave me an excerpt on electric signals in our brains. 820 more words


The Gateway of the Soul: Queen Christina and the Death of Descartes — a short play


René Descartes
Queen Christina

The scene is the royal library in Stockholm, Sweden, on February 1, 1650, at about 5:00 a.m. Queen Christina is elegantly dressed in male attire. 1,469 more words

Thinking About Story …

In the light of the Equinox . . .

The Intricate astrological meaning

of the fall Equinox is beyond me but the beauty and energy it brings to each of us can deeply comfort, heal and/or challenge us.   300 more words


Nothing but dualism
in our existence, oppositeness & the ever
changing changes continuously transforming
all existence bringing about evolution
towards Unity in All under Heaven. …
73 more words