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The Brain is Not a Computer With a Soul

Oddly, people who embrace the idea of mind/soul being separate from brain/body enjoy the analogy of brains as computers. Dualism, as described, has serious flaws and objections… 510 more words


A World Split Apart: Dualism in Western Culture and Theology

A new book just released by Dr. M. James Sawyer.

My review:
C. S. Lewis warned against what he called “chronological snobbism.” In that expression he was making a case for reading “old” books as well as “new” books. 481 more words

Monistic vs. Dualistic vs. Pluralistic Schools of Thought: There Can Be Only Everything

This is a follow-up post to my “Fictique of ‘Powder,’” the 1995 film which touches upon a concept that has been both widely debated for centuries by philosophers and rapidly gaining popularity in recent decades by spiritualists.   3,825 more words


My take on beliefs and interpretations

Hi there.

Last time i did some definition-gibberish. Wasnt the most exicting stuff i assume, but its necessary if you want to talk about that kind of stuff (it would be even necessary to define it more clearly and to define even more… but lets do that when we need it, right?) 772 more words


A Picture and a Thousand Words

David Walsh interviews award-winning photographer Chris Park. Words by Kirsty Tobin.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. No one understands this old adage better than award-winning, Edinburgh-based photographer, Chris Park. 1,048 more words

Writing Samples

Definitions related to the field of parapsychology

Hi there.

I actually wanted to do a post last saturday, but some stuff did hold me up.

Anyways, lets get into it. Ive got quite a lot of stuff i want to write about. 1,314 more words


Material Disbelief

Two things collided. I saw Leon Wieseltier on The Colbert Report and was enthralled by his view of modern social life. That moved a friend of mine to look for other YouTube videos of Wieseltier. 1,148 more words