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Weekly Roundup ... Packing Bags & Airport Bound ...

Its been such a busy week … I know it must sound like I say that all the time … and I guess I probably do … but I think this week has just felt longer than most because I’ve been looking forward to our upcoming holiday … that’s right … our South Africa trip is finally happening … eek …

Dubai Life

Sweater packed today!

Stood turning the A/C handlers on and off yesterday, while shouting “is it still on?” was not the most productive use of my time!

Finding out my team had placed me directly under the A/C Unit in the new office, was worrying….am I that bad a boss?! 8 more words


Marilyn Monroe?

I love spending money (as you well know), however I have noticed that my tolerance levels of the shop assistants announcing my arrival and being one step away from shining bright lights in my eyes is slowly depleting…..we will blame it on the need for my holiday (or maybe I am just grumpy?…don’t answer that) 620 more words


how hot is it?

It’s so hot—anything and everything you can think of can be delivered to you: from pharmacy items to furniture, food, clothes…. office, plant, patio, pet supplies—if there’s a store, they deliver their stuff. 194 more words

Ex Pat Life

Weekly Roundup Time ... Feeling Tired ...

Its been such a crazy week … I’ve attended more meetings than I ever cared too … and my to-do list at work never seems to get any shorter … I actually have three different lists going on at the same time …

Dubai Life

One week to go!

Homesickness hits you when you least expect it when you’re an expat. This morning I woke up and all I could think was ‘I can’t wait to go home’. 402 more words


take cover!

Every year I tell everyone how hot it will be in Summer and yet every year I am somewhat shocked to experience 50 degree heat, my sunglasses steaming up and third degree burns from buckling my seat-belt. 329 more words