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Which are the hottest Dubai properties neighborhoods?

Dubai properties┬ácosts have seen a “little” modification in the previous 90 days (June to September 2014), but costs still stay in the good land annum, shows the June Mashreq home Wealth Gauge statement. 301 more words

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Location still a big factor for those who wish to buy Dubai property

There are three issues that matter in property place, place, place, along with a fresh survey conducted by way of a UK- online estate broker. The importance for people looking to buy Dubai property is location and it is more significant compared to the property itself, a brand new study, said 74 per cent of the folks surveyed favored a “perfect place” instead rather than “perfect home”. 213 more words

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Things looking positive if you want to buy Dubai property

Five years subsequent to the real estate crisis, factors to buy Dubai property are on course for another property upswing. In accordance with the Phidar House Price Index that was lately released the residential market has found grip and a fresh buoyancy reflecting a marked upward tendency in all segments. 341 more words

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