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Reconnecting with The Dead

As a Dubliner interested in art, literature and music, James Joyce would have approved of Culture Night. Though he left as a young man and never returned, Joyce would have enjoyed reading from afar that his home city’s cultural institutions and famous buildings open their doors for one free night. 363 more words

Tourist Reviews

Culture Night in RIAM Library

In celebration of the centenary of the publication of Joyce’s Dubliners

The RIAM Library presents:

Songs and Readings from Dubliners

Friday 19th September, 6.30pm

Programme… 52 more words

Fat Books

OK, I confess! I’m supposed to be pouring over Dubliners by James Joyce for my reading group, which is getting together — egad! — in less than a week. 332 more words

James Joyce's "The Dead"

James Joyce’s “The Dead” tactfully explores the emotional detachment of its main protagonist, Gabriel, during a Christmas dinner party in Dublin. Through multiple social encounters and an intimate scene with his wife Joyce writes the story of a character that constantly struggles to create a valid human connection. 2,191 more words


LED Day - 121

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Day of September 3rd 2014

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What is a character?

Or perhaps I should say ‘who is a character?’ These are just some straying thoughts I had whilst reading James Joyce’s Dubliners. Whilst they are far from conclusive I feel as though they have some worth and could perhaps be developed by a mind better regulated than my own. 252 more words


Bloggiversary and anniversary

Two anniversaries today. In ascending order of importance—my blog has turned two years old. I started it in August 2012 before I launched into the book publishing lark. 298 more words