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Joyce, A.S.C.

Although James Joyce’s sensory-detail heavy writing style remains consistent throughout his famed collection of short stories entitled Dubliners,  one specific tale takes this style above and beyond.  354 more words

98 years

Rowan Gillespie, Proclamation
Proclamation (lifted from the Wikipedia)

The original model for Proclamation was called Imagine and according to Gillespie’s biographer: “it alluded not only to the John Lennon peace anthem, but also to the dreams for a utopian society in Ireland espoused by Rowan’s grandfather, James Creed Meredith (1874-1942)”. 604 more words

Strange Beauty

60 minutes and counting.

Time, as you may occasionally hear those fluent in legalese observe, is of the essence*.

Which is not to say that I am setting a deadline by which this post must be read; there is no special offer with a closing date. 467 more words

Friday Fiction Workshop: James Joyce, Part 2

Welcome back to my Friday Fiction Workshop!  This was not a totally productive week for me as far as new writing goes, though my brain was working on a lot for sure.   797 more words


NW, Zadie Smith (Penguin, 2013)

An experimental novel that is as unpredictable as the UK’s capital of diversity, inequality and loneliness

Zadie Smith tells the stories of Nathan, Felix, Keisha (later Natalie) and Leah, all of whom, the author included, grew up in the North-West of London.

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Diving into TEI

A large part of my Digital Humanities course has been working with TEI (Text Encoding Initiative), a program that allows you to code documents in XML to make them available for data mining. 488 more words

"Going Viral"

In class today Jim McGrath from Northeastern came to our class to discuss the future of our DH projects and how to expand it to a wider audience. 100 more words