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10 Things You Need to Stop Facebooking About

I’ve been writing a blog and working as a content writer for a couple of years: it’s taught me a lot about writing articles that are appealing to the online community. 894 more words

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#Selfie Love

Unfortunately, not all of this attention has been good for the famous hashtag. Selfies, we love them, some people hate them, but if you hate selfies, why do you hate them so much? 256 more words

Social Media

Woman Stuck With Duck Face As A Breeze Rolls In During A Selfie

It’s 10 o’clock on a friday night, the streets are dark, as the nightclubs and pubs of Farnworth are filled with alcohol and the deep musk of cigarettes and sexual promiscuity. 614 more words


Saturday Night Selfies

I have to admit I have never been a fan of the selfie…. seems a bit narcissistic (enter: Kim Kardashian). This weekend I made an exception when a couple of my girlfriends come to visit and at 11:30 pm we discovered the costume closest. 185 more words

Reality Challenge

Is the life that you portray on social media Real? 

What I mean by that is, we can be whoever we want on the internet. We can have it all, or beg for pity, or even change who and what we are in order to get the response we want from our 465 “friends”.  263 more words