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Hungrier by the hound

Really hungry and craving for some sumptuous meals? The Hungry Hound might just be the answer. Their dishes are really luscious that will fill one’s starving tummy. 426 more words

Iced Tea

Village Whiskey (Philadelphia)

Philadelphia has definitely been undergoing a food revolution over the past few years. While I (obviously) don’t live there to attest to this fact first-hand, it’s all I’ve been hearing about the city of late. 550 more words


Adieu to Doug's Dogs

I’ve been traveling to Chicago for many many years and have always wanted to try Hot Doug’s, but I have never been able to make my way over it, because it’s located outside of the downtown Chicago area.   814 more words


Stone Creek Bistro: A Diamond in the Mountainous Rough

Perusing the restaurant category on yelp for Lake Arrowhead, it is easy for a wanderer to be disenchanted by the apparent lack of gastronomic integrity of the area. 242 more words


Chocolate Fried Chicken?

There’s a restaurant that just opened up in California called “ChocoChicken” and they deep fry their chicken in this homemade “batter” made with cocoa. Once it’s cooked it gives it a chocolate color and a hint of chocolate flavor. 86 more words