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~Journey with a Mission~ part 2: Jakarta & Bandung

One thing that separates you from your success is your fear.

- inspired by a TED talk by Chris Hadfield: “What I learned from going blind in space”

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The Food Virgins go to Thailand

The Setting: Lemongrass

The Meal: 

(2x) Vietnamese Shrimp Salad Rolls (w/peanut sauce)

(1x) Thai Chicken Rice Soup

(1x) Wonton Soup

(1x) Crispy Fish Filet (w/Thai curry sauce) 1,314 more words

Finished Objects: A Whole Load of Yellow

Hi evvybody! I came back from a two-weeks-and-a-bit holiday in Hungary. Not so very much crocheting happened while I was there, and about half of it was for a secret swap, so I can’t show you those. 195 more words


Roasted Duck, Wild Rice and Bok Choy

So I’m fancy, huh? I make duck in the middle of the week like it’s nothing…

Well, in the interest of full disclosure, my in-laws are in town and they have been helping with the babies, cleaning, and doing laundry. 362 more words

Weeknight Cuisine

The dos and don'ts of feeding ducks

Last week we looked at the way that ducks differ in their care needs from chickens. This week we’re looking at the things that you should, and definitely shouldn’t, feed your ducks. 502 more words


Beijing Bites: DaDong Roast Duck

As a child, I was notoriously picky. My main sources of nutrition were bread, pasta, peanut butter, and duck. While everything else I ate in moderation, I could inhale duck. 389 more words