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Harvesting Duckweed with a Pitchfork


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Ken Carman, naturalist from Roxbury Park, Hollywood SC, demonstrates how he harvests wild duckweed using a simple pitchfork. 179 more words


Secondary water storage and mosquito trap

For the time being, I am using this barrel,

for my secondary water storage, and as a mosquito trap. You can’t really see them is this pic, but I have a couple dozen mosquito fish in this barrel. 225 more words

DIY/Do It Yourself

Duckweed in the News

Last weekend, a television crew lead by Mychaela Bruner from News Channel Six in Paducah, KY came out to do a second story on my duckweed developments. 27 more words

Tamra Fakhoorian

Duckweed Project Interview Aired Last Night

For the verbal post, you can click here. Am waiting for the video link. The interview went well, although Yaught’s battery started dying in the middle of showing how cool a solar-powered boat was in a duckweed pond and claiming that it always had plenty of power all summer long. 25 more words

Tamra Fakhoorian

Print and Paint

For the first time in what feels like years we have had a quiet weekend! Desperately needed after the string of fun weekends we’ve had recently. 316 more words


There is another plant on the surface of ponds, creeks, and water channels on the Tualatin River Refuge this time of year: duckweed. In some areas it dominates the surface; in others it co-exists with Azolla. 444 more words


For $10,000- What is the Smallest Flowering Plant on Earth?

If you guessed Wolffia, you’d be right!  You’d win big at Jeopardy but sorry, there is no payoff from my blog site. On the bright side, you’d be in an elite but growing circle of duckweed folks “in the know” and now have the potential for looking pretty smart in biology class. 147 more words

Tamra Fakhoorian