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The best Aquaculture Investment.

I just spent an hour looking at ‘Investment Opportunities in Aquaculture’ on the web. It would seem that everyone has got the message that the world is running out of fish. 512 more words


I’ve heard a lot about Clipper Herbicide. What does it do? | Ponds & Lakes Q&A

Q: I’ve heard a lot about Clipper Herbicide. What does it do?

Eldon – Urbandale, IA

A: Clipper™ Aquatic Herbicide controls a wide variety of algae, floating weeds and submerged weeds, but its claim to fame is its ability to wipe out troublesome watermeal and duckweed—two aquatic weeds that can be difficult to manage in any pond or lake. 384 more words

Pond & Lake

Duckweed Fertilizing Tips

Our ILA Round Table workshop was recorded today with Dr. Louis Landesman acting as leading expert on fertilization tips for duckweed production. It’s an hour long but one of the best hours you could spend if you were really interested in growing duckweed for urban farming or commercial purposes. 6 more words

Tamra Fakhoorian

There is something new under the sun!

You can probably remember when you were a kid it was fun to go fishing in the local pond. I used to go a local unused quarry that had filled with rain water and formed a pond where small fish grew. 533 more words


While the Weather Outside is Frightening...

A sunny window and spring green loveliness of happy duckweed make up for the damp chill of March.  This duckweed was grown primarily on aquarium water from my goldfish with a bit of trace pond muck for micronutrients.   45 more words

Tamra Fakhoorian

Duckweed In the News

A terrific article on the growth properties and potential of duckweed was published yesterday in India. It was written by my good friends and colleagues, Dr. 1,195 more words

Spring is NOT Here

So I lied.

Our third ice storm of the year hit two days ago. My son’s car is stuck in the snow and my pickup battery is dead or I’d pull him out. 112 more words

Tamra Fakhoorian