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November 12, 2014

A walk in the rain.
Mallards sat in the duckweed
reluctant to move.


What's real?

I came across this photo I took a long time ago, maybe ten years ago. It shoes a pool in a park and floating on the surface is a scum of duckweed. 399 more words


The indoor pond.

…by which I mean, the little hexagonal aquarium I’m using to overwinter some aquatic plants indoors. It’s an experiment in more ways than one, because I’m using an ordinary swing lamp with a 60-watt Phillips Agro-Lite bulb as a plant light – “For The Acceleration Of Indoor Plant Growth”. 452 more words


Grow Duckweed Year-Round?

Now that it’s getting chilly here and winter is drawing closer, the question looms, “Can you grow duckweed year-round?”

I’ve tried it in various small pond to indoor sites and found that it is possible to at least extend the season by a couple of months here in Western Kentucky with nothing more than temporary greenhouse coverings or window sill batches, depending on how much you REALLY want to grow in mid-winter. 270 more words

Tamra Fakhoorian

Animal Class Project

Have you ever done a class project with real animals? Today, we had class project that included real animals. We used 2-liter soda bottles to make terrariums and aquariums. 91 more words