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Change Change Change

I try to take a similar approach to my riding as I do with my skiing. Now that doesn’t mean that I put on skis or where goggles and a warm jacket, but more that I know the importance of pacing oneself for the whole week. 1,174 more words

Horse Riding

Visitations and Revisitations

Tuesday morning started off with the nice combination of a later start, an earlier ride and a later breakfast. The ability to enjoy this option only happens twice in the week and is the combination that gets you onto the breakfast ride. 1,287 more words

Horse Riding

Amigo and Amigos!

One of the advantages about breaking my trip to the ranch in two was that I wasn’t jumping 8 hours in one go. OK it wasn’t as if there was much of a break, but jumping 5 and then 3 two days later and having the opportunity for a couple of cat naps during the second lot of travelling had been advantageous. 825 more words

Horse Riding

Up In The Air

Our flight wasn’t until 11, but we’d been advised that you can never know with the New York traffic (something I would attest to after yesterday’s experience) so we had a start that was far too early given the previous night. 869 more words


Dude Ranch Dictionary: 'Seagulling'

We hope you’re ready to learn, Dude Ranchers. Prepare to expand your vocabulary.

Seagulling verb – To take food from someone else’s plate (‘to seagull’, ‘seagulled’) 13 more words


Daily Drama 21

The Funny Farm volunteers are getting more involved with animal care. It certainly works out well for the guinea pigs. Kim has brought Carl into the kitchen for an extra treat! 199 more words

Stacy's Funny Farm

Natural Horsegirlship at the Dude Ranch

Every year Jason and I give our girls a choice: they can have a birthday party, or get a birthday present. This year, for the first time, they decided to forgo the party for their special present request. 251 more words