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Blogbie Mistakes 1o1, Plus Random Rambling

Blogbie= Blogger Newbie

The number one mistake! Don’t say when you are going to blog next, because this always fails! I am serious, I did that last time…”but it makes people come check your blog more often” ….. 468 more words

The final questions for Dude

Well, the hard work is done and I have chosen the final questions I am going to ask Dude. It was a very, very difficult task to choose which questions to include and which to leave out. 889 more words


A knight for a day

We have talked a number of times in this comedy blog about transposition. Let’s think about the age of chivalry for a while as a comedy theme. 342 more words


One thing we can all do without: Fratbro Fighting Secrets

I recently put a post up here about my scepticism behind how much weight people put on martial arts that are supposedly “hidden military secrets” ( 1,728 more words

Martial Arts

Tomilta saa myös printtejä

Tomi Kuusisto ei ole pelkästään timanttinen tatuoija, vaan myös kova maalaamaan. Tomi on tehnyt joistain maalauksistaan ja flasheistään printtejä. Uusin maalaus on kokoelma klassisia aiheita Tomin tyyliin toteutettuna. 84 more words

Calculate maximum data usage form audit log files

I have audit/log files which has time stamp (start time-end time)and data usage number at any given time. I want to calculate maximum data usage at any given time by reading these files..SO that I can understand how much data at any given time is being used. 13 more words

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