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10 Things Girls Do To Be Sexy (Or Not!) That Are Absolutely None Of Your Business

My response to Thought Catalog’s “10 Things Girls Do To Be Sexy that Are Completely Unattractive, OP here: ¬†http://thoughtcatalog.com/anonymous/2013/09/10-things-girls-do-to-be-sexy-which-are-completely-unattractive/

On September 13th, an anonymous user on Thought Catalog wrote about 10 ways girls try, and subsequently fail, to be attractive. 1,257 more words

Meet The DudeBro Who Infiltrated Thought Catalog And Is Posting Fake Feminist Articles (UPDATE)

Via Thought Catalog

(UPDATE: Thought Catalog are patting themselves on the back because apparently this work of satire was DOUBLE SATIRE. They apparently faked the entire thing, from the user profile to the articles written by a fabricated “meathead,” because attention? 607 more words