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Just When You Think You Know Someone... You Realise You Don't!

Hi All

You know how they say that you can live with someone for a lifetime and still not really know them? Well, obviously I haven’t lived with Richard for a lifetime, but I do think that I know him, which is hardly fair because there is no way he knows me…at least, not the part of me that constantly confuses and surprises him. 973 more words

| Ty Henry |

Meet little Mr. Ty Henry!  3 Weeks old and already has an adorable personality!  He has a very proud big sister and a big brother who loves him to pieces.   119 more words


Overriding vars in Javascript

I’m trying to override Javascript with a custom injection. Here is the code I’m looking to override:

loadJS: function() {
  if (this.app.get && this.app.get("settings") && this.app.get("settings").language) {
    var a = "http://ift.tt/W8sclW",
      b = a + "/spanish.js",
      c = this;
    LazyLoad.js([b], function() {
      log("trans: " + window.lump_translations), window.lump_translations && (c.translations =
        window.lump_translations), c.loadStyles()
  else this.loadStyles()
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Cool Canjo Playin'

How far can you take it with a canjo? Watch: