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Tough Guy Pussies Out When Cops Board Train

And here is the exact moment you realize this Captain Phillips motherfucker had warrants out for his arrest. Just painful to watch. ‘Tell your girl she is beautiful. 51 more words


And Yet Another Video About 'ManSpreading'

HuffPost: Apparently, taking up too much space on the subway (a.k.a. “manspreading”) is only socially acceptable when men do it. Mic editor Liz Plank… 311 more words


Film Crew Takes To The Subway To Discuss 'Manspreading'

How desperate is this story?? Manspreading?! Are you serious?! People are getting paid for this? I’d love to see the edited footage of how many guys told this woman to shove her tape measure up her ass and fuck off. 82 more words