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Film Crew Takes To The Subway To Discuss 'Manspreading'

How desperate is this story?? Manspreading?! Are you serious?! People are getting paid for this? I’d love to see the edited footage of how many guys told this woman to shove her tape measure up her ass and fuck off. 82 more words


Group Of Dudes Roast A Passenger On The Red Line; I Think That's What's Happening

This is hands down the blackest shit I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s like a ‘yo mama’ contest that somehow turns into a freestyle session in ChiTown. 16 more words


Man Slaps Himself In The Head And Tries To Blame It On Police

Partly why I think cops everywhere should be equipped with cameras nowadays. As long as you’ve got nut jobs like this guy walking around it’s always good to know someone has a camera-phone out.