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Fifty of my favorite films in alphabetical order because countdowns are lame and pointless (films 11-20)

The journey continues as we move through films 11-20. The last entry was heavy on comedy but this one has a nice mix of drama, action, comedy, and I even included a romantic comedy. 2,184 more words


Wishing a Very Happy Birthday to Mike Starr!

Wishing the Happiest of Birthdays to one of our funniest clients, Mike Starr!! Hoping he has a wonderful day :)


Stillness, If You Dare

In a world where everything moves so quickly and so much is expected of us, it’s hard to stay still.
Try it.

25 seconds until beep ring vibrate itch twitch boredom.   125 more words

Philosophical Poetry

The Ten Truths of Living By Yourself

The good, the bad…and the slightly disturbing.

1. Pants are no longer necessary.

Capture the breeze and give your nether regions the freedom they deserve. 351 more words

It's A Gif-Gif World.

The Peacock Incident

Even with all of the bizarrely strange things going on in the world today (the shooting down of a commercial airliner over Ukraine, another ground war in Gaza, the immigration crisis on the Texas border, etc., etc.), it’s still possible, I guess, to be surprised by a local event.   282 more words

Around Rochester

Random Top Fives


The following blog post will actually have nothing to do with video games or comics!  Instead I’ve compiled a completely random assembly of top 5 lists.   790 more words

Funny Video - LeBron Back to Cleveland

Perhaps you’ve heard on the news or through social media that LeBron James is returning to Cleveland. (Hope that wasn’t a spoiler alert for anyone.) 25 more words