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Drunk Dude Tells Cops That His Dog Drove Him To The Store

When the cops asked a drunk man why his dog was in the car on hot day, he said that his dog had drove him to the store to buy corn! 90 more words


Robber Starts Crying When He Sees Surveillance Camera [VIDEO]

Midway through this guy robbing a hotel, he looked up and saw a surveillance camera. He demanded that the front desk clerk open the safe and give him access to the camera, but she didn’t know how, so he started crying and left in tears! 91 more words


Additions to the dumb criminal list ...

An attempted carjacking in Seattle failed when three carjackers found they were in a vehicle with a manual transmission and none of them knew how to drive a stick shift. 102 more words


Man signs into Facebook in middle of alleged burglary, gets caught

MINNEAPOLIS — A Minnesota man is in jail because he logged on to Facebook — during his alleged crime.

Police say Nicholas Wig checked his profile from a home he broke into — then didn’t log off. 321 more words


Alleged Robber Friend Request Victim On Facebook

Consider this the dumbest of the dumb criminals in the worlds, at least for this week.

A would-be robber tries to friend his victim on Facebook the day after the robbery. 121 more words

Weird News

Man Robs Woman, Tries To Friend Her On Facebook!

This guy is an idiot! First he robs a woman and steals her iPod and purse and the next day he tried to add her as a friend on Facebook! 75 more words