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Woman Admits She Set Husband On Fire To "Get His Attention"

Timothy Bork, 43, suffered burns to his face and chest, covering 15 percent of his body and was Life-Flighted to the hospital after his wife sprayed him with gasoline and set him on fire to “get his attention” 32 more words


All the Dumb Food Crimes You Can Laugh At From This Week

Something must be in the water, because there were a surprising number of really dumb and/or bizarre food crimes this past week. Let's take a look at …



Here's A Candidate For One Of The Year's Strangest Crimes

Well, well, well, we have a new candidate for dumbest criminal of the year. Meet 26-year-old Diondre Jones, a woman who tried to get medical care under her sister’s name. 192 more words

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Phone Thief Outs Himself by Posting Selfie on Victim's Facebook Account

Today’s episode of ‘Dumb Criminals’ comes from — where else? — Florida. 114 more words


Drunk Dude Tells Cops That His Dog Drove Him To The Store

When the cops asked a drunk man why his dog was in the car on hot day, he said that his dog had drove him to the store to buy corn! 90 more words


Robber Starts Crying When He Sees Surveillance Camera [VIDEO]

Midway through this guy robbing a hotel, he looked up and saw a surveillance camera. He demanded that the front desk clerk open the safe and give him access to the camera, but she didn’t know how, so he started crying and left in tears! 112 more words


Additions to the dumb criminal list ...

An attempted carjacking in Seattle failed when three carjackers found they were in a vehicle with a manual transmission and none of them knew how to drive a stick shift. 102 more words