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Meet The Genius Who Tried To Pass Crushed Pop Tarts Off As Cocaine To An Undercover Officer

Dumb: Selling drugs to an undercover cop. Dumber: Selling a cheap breakfast pastry disguised as drugs to an undercover cop. But that’s just what a 30-year-old Halifax, North Carolina man did. 250 more words

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His Forehead Tattoo Says It All

This guy was arrested on drug related charges but that’s really not the interesting part. How hammered do you have to be to get a “Life’s A Bitch” Tattoo on your forehead??? The world may never know.


This Walmart Shoplifter Used The Store's Motorized Wheelcart As Her Getaway Vehicle

This lovely lady in the above mugshot, 46-year-old Shirley Mason of Fruitport Township, Michigan, was accused of stealing several plastic grocery bags full of clothes from Walmart and then making off using one of the motorized wheelchair carts Walmart provides for the disabled. 238 more words

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Robber Falls Asleep On Bed At House, Cops Take Pics Of Him Sleeping [PICS]

This guy is the worst thief EVER! After breaking into a house and putting all kinds of jewelry into a plastic bag so he could steal it, heĀ couldn’t resist laying on the bed in the house… and fell asleep! 112 more words


The Most Florida Woman Ever Was Arrested For Masturbating On A Motorcycle

Actually, I take back what I said in the headline about 50-year-old Karen Dilworth being the “most Florida woman ever,” because if she was the most Florida woman ever she would have been riding on the motorcycle while masturbating — which she was not. 217 more words

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Two Dumbasses Sprayed Deer Urine All Over An Oklahoma Walmart

Two dudes were arrested for spraying doe urine all over a Owasso, Oklahoma Walmart this weekend, because Oklahoma sounds like it must be a really exciting place. 130 more words

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Selfie Incriminate: Burglar Busted After Taking Selfie

Sim Arnett is happy for *stupid* selfies because a selfie that turned up on his cell phone led to the guy who tried to steal $16,000 from Arnett’s 97-year-old dad.