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A new study suggests that 7 hours of sleep may be better than 8.

  • Bad news, kids. It looks like that this time mom has finally gotten scientific research to back her up.
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Diatribe: Don’t Buy Your Lunch At A Restaurant You Just Tried To Rob.

It’s no secret among my friends and family that I love Mexican food.  I’ve never visited a Mexican restaurant that I didn’t enjoy … and it seems like there are millions of them.  423 more words


The Worst Shoplifters EVER! See What They Did!

One lady stole a flashy dress and got busted when she posted pics of her wearing it on Facebook! Another lady tried to steal a sex toy- in her baby’s stroller! 163 more words


Dumbest Criminals Of The Week! They Should Be In Jail For Being This Stupid!

One man ordered pizzas for a prank while he was in a jail holding tank and another guy robbed a fast food restaurant and came back a few hours later- TO BUY FOOD! 184 more words



Justin Bieber has been sentenced to two years of probation for egging his neighbor’s house. He also has to pay $80,900, complete a 12-week anger management course, and perform 5 days of community service. 319 more words


The latest study finds that extreme obesity cuts your life short even more so than does smoking.

  • In other words, if you don’t care what you have for dinner, then after you’re finished, feel free to light up.
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This Fugitive Was Arrested After He Gave A Newspaper His Opinion On The Washington Redskins Controversy

A Bloomsburg University student, 25-year-old Jake Close, gave his opinion to the Bloomsburg Press Enterprise’s June 30th issue when asked in an opinion poll whether or not the… 212 more words

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