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Accused Murderer Is Worried That Having The Word 'MURDER' Tattooed Prominently Across His Neck Might Hurt His Case

Jeffrey Chapman of Great Bend, Kansas is probably actually guilty of two crimes: Murdering a man in cold blood and leaving his body in a ditch, and getting a really bad tattoo of “MURDER” mirror-imaged backwards across his neck. 187 more words

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Rick Stacy On Demand 4.23.14

Bear-resistant trash cans, a Macaulay Culkin death hoax, and a potato bandit come together in today’s edition of Rick Stacy On Demand!

SUNNY Update – Rick talks about bear-resistant trash cans, a Cocoa Beach shark attack, Marion County schools ban spanking, and more! 239 more words


Man Arrested For Assaulting His Girlfriend With ... Easter Eggs?

A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania man, Aaron Goempel, 27, was taken into custody late Saturday night after Easter Egg dyeing — typically a wholesome activity — went awry and he attacked his girlfriend with hard-boiled eggs before attempting to stab police officers with a sword, kicking one of them in the nuts. 192 more words

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Couple Steals Vehicle So Husband Can Make Court Date, And It Didn't Even Happen In Florida

Sonora Police Department

A Sonora, California couple: Teresa Castillo, 45, and James Manning, 49, are charged with stealing a 2001 Mitsubishi from an auto dealership in Redding, which the dealership was able to track to the Tuolumne County Courthouse, where Manning was appearing on charges of possession of a controlled substance. 203 more words

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French authorities report that they have lost more than 2,000 vials of the deadly SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) virus.

  • A spokesman said, “We kept them right here next to the nuclear warhead which is… Uh-oh.”
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Florida Woman Brazenly Steals Wine From A Grocery Store, Sans Pants

A Florida woman strolled right into a Publix grocery store in Ocala, Florida earlier this week, picked up two boxes of wine and then strolled right the hell back out — all while not wearing pants. 190 more words


The 'Nerdy Bandit' Terrorizing Portland, Oregon American Apparel Stores Has Finally Been Apprehended

Portland, Oregon’s long nightmare is over because a man nicknamed “The Nerdy Bandit,” otherwise known as 31-year-old Thaddeus Lindsay-Woods, (actual name) has finally been apprehended… 224 more words