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Toy Thieves Faked Heart Attack To Steal Toys

A man in Florida, did a Fred G. Sanford inside a Walmart. If you are not familiar with the term Fred G. Sanford, the man faked a heart so his friend could steal toys. 96 more words

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Man Fakes Heart Attack At Walmart So His Friend Could Steal Stuff! [VIDEO]

This is hella low! Two men walked into a Walmart and filled a basket up with stuff. One of the men pretended to have a heart attack to distract security while the other stole the basket full of presents! 63 more words


Meet The Naked Man Who Went On A Pot-Smoking, Poop-Smearing Spree Inside A Philadelphia Police Station

Aww. This one happened just three miles down the road from me in good old Upper Darby PA, otherwise known as Tina Fey’s hometown. It’s nice to see your city in the news now and then. 260 more words

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A Florida Man Was Caught Masturbating Outside Because His Mom Wouldn't Let Him Have Porn In The House

Man, living with your mom as an adult sucks. She’s always nagging you, bugging you to take out the trash, not being quick enough with the meatloaf, and oh yeah — forbidding the use of pornography in the house. 206 more words

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This Man Tried To Avoid His Latest DUI Arrest By Saying He Had Eaten Beer-Battered Fish

The 75-year-old man in the above mugshot, John Przybyla of Friendship, Wisconsin, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving back in October — for the tenth time! 134 more words

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Guy Tries To Outrun Cops On A Skateboard! [VIDEO]

An alleged car thief lead cops on a high speed chase and after he crashed the car, he tried to make his escape on a skateboard. 71 more words


My Mugshot's Cute

The Smoking Gun posted a mugshot of an 18 year old from North Carolina who was arrested on narcotics charges. She didn’t seem to care afterwards tweeting, … 115 more words