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How Can A Smart Guy Like Ben Carson be So Fuckin' Dumb?

That, as far as I’m concerned, is unconstitutional. And Congress actually has oversight of what they call the inferior courts, everything below the Supreme Court. That’s where those overturns have come.

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Presidential Election 2016


Hate may be a bit of a strong word. Maybe I should change it to ‘this is why we sometimes dislike you’, but it doesn’t have the same punch. 597 more words

The Dumbest Smart Person I Know

First, I’m going to give away the surprise ending. **I** am the dumbest smart person I know! This concept was first introduced in this post… 227 more words

In The News

US to equip and train Syrian Moderate Rebels…….LOL How much is that going to cost? Anyone ever seen a moderate rebel. Where do they Live? I thought they called them rebels cause: rise in opposition or armed resistance to an established government or ruler. 142 more words

Today's Annoyances

Newbies piss me off. Constantly needing their hand held while they’re walked through every intricate detail of basic stuff. Grow a set!
People don’t seem to understand traffic lights these days either. 94 more words

Wesley Sander

There is this “guy” on google+ https://plus.google.com/106373382539152155513/posts who really does not get it, he wants to be a vampire, so bad he asks you if you are one and if you are, you are encouraged to call him at 214-693-1790 at the number. 439 more words

Real Vampire Profiles

Sorry, I got a little rage on you...

Why do some people feel the need to vent all over Facebook? Do they not realize that it will make them look mean and nasty? 159 more words

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