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Our phone just grew Smarter, we all grew Dumber…!

08:45 A. M: I see people facing down with guilt in the metro I boarded. Actually, they were playing candy crush in their smart phones…Yes, all of them, which include the Uncle standing beside me too. 601 more words

smartphones & dumb people...

I watched this video multiple times… (Please note, I apologize in advance for the curse word, however the message of this video was too powerful from that keeping me from sharing. 393 more words

Social Media

Another Facebook Genius

I have to hope that in Utopia, stupid people will have a special Facebook status where their posts automatically don’t show up in your newsfeed. 327 more words

Seriously Though


Oh yes they did!

People on FB think that this shit is REAL

So much for REALITY TV

Thanks for the laugh and now

I think I’ll just be sick. 395 more words

Just Saying

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

George Carlin

Didn't Anyone Tell You It's Okay To Shine?

Black Cat and I were to suppose have dinner, a sleepover and spend tomorrow together but OF COURSE her cotton headed ninny muggins, incompetent slug of a boyfriend had to alter our plans. 308 more words

Greencard scheme is an exercise of the over-qualified people

We attract highly educated country, but most will never find a job.

Why recruiting labor Denmark, there is a need, through a special Green Card? … 2,359 more words

Danish Green Card