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Muslim Woman Put in Her Place by Close-Minded, Prejudiced Old Fart

Hi everybody!

Sorry for not blogging for a few weeks. A little bit of a break stretched out longer than planned. But I’m back and want to talk about this story that keeps getting shared. 781 more words

You Should Be More Forgiving

When you send an email, in what amount of time do you expect a reply? I am aware that this depends on who you send it to, but we have some reply-within-this-much-time expectation. 255 more words



There are some gene pools that are in need of clorination….for example:

Woman sues zoo after getting finger bit off by Lion.

The facts seem to be in contention, but even if the zoo keeper did tell her she could pet the lion, which I sincerely doubt, common sense would dictate that was probably not a good idea. 24 more words

Ray Visotski

If you don't ____, you just might find somebody

I’ve been having so many breaks from writing it’s as if I’ve given it up altogether. Fret not — those who do come and read here for leisure — I am dusting off my keyboard for the last time. 1,320 more words


Things I just remembered...

So I just remembered this time last year I googled “dumbest answers ever given on Family Feud.

Why I looked this up… No fucking idea. I mean, Jeopardy is for brainiacs, Wheel of Fortune is America’s game and Family Fued is for the dumbest people to ever exist. 166 more words

Dumb People

The REAL Rules of RPing - Parody

  1. In RPing, “deductive reasoning” is just another name for metagaming.
  2. If someone doesn’t respond for a couple of hours, it does not mean they are dead.
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Our phone just grew Smarter, we all grew Dumber…!

08:45 A. M: I see people facing down with guilt in the metro I boarded. Actually, they were playing candy crush in their smart phones…Yes, all of them, which include the Uncle standing beside me too. 601 more words