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Man overheard talking about drugs after butt-dialing 911

MT. PLEASANT, TN – Sometimes your butt can get in a whole lot of trouble, but for a Tennessee man, it was actually his butt that got him into trouble. 119 more words

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Dumbass of the Day: 911 Butt Dial Leads to Drug Bust

Grant O’Connor accidentally butt-dialed 911, and Grant’s dinner conversation really got the attention of the dispatcher. Grant was allegedly ranting on and on about getting high, and how he even wanted to make a little trip to his drug dealer’s house.


Woman leaves baby niece behind after trying to steal mayonnaise and laundry detergent

ROSTRAVER TOWNSHIP, PA – Djuna Tansmore took her 1-year-old niece on a shopping trip she’ll never forget, and no, we’re not talking about a toy shopping spree. 110 more words

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Disgruntled Walmart employee drives car into store

SULPHUR, LA – What do you get when you combine a disgruntled employee and a car? You get one big mess.

A 19-year-old Walmart employee, Andre Hofemann showed up to work, but was escorted out after he was fired. 56 more words

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Florida man arrested for grabbing Taco Bell worker's butt

BRADENTON, FL – So a guy in Florida went to Taco Bell to grab a late-night bite to eat, but he ended up biting off a lot more than he could chew. 104 more words

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Man Beats Girlfriend After Dreaming She Cheated

A man in Florida allegedly beat his girlfriend because he had a dream where she cheated on him.


Man beats girlfriend because he had a dream she cheated on him

FLORIDA KEYS, FL – We’ve all had a bad dream now and then, but a Florida Keys man’s dream turned into his girlfriend’s nightmare.

Police say Carlos Gascon told them he had a dream that his girlfriend cheated on him, so he beat her. 76 more words

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