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Florida teen caught humping stuffed horse in Walmart

TAMPA, Florida — Folks love going to Walmart for the low prices, but 19-year-old Sean Johnson didn’t go for the deals.

Loss prevention at a Walmart in Florida say they saw Sean walking suspiciously down the store aisles, so they kept a close eye on him through their surveillance cameras. 134 more words

Dumbass Of The Day

Allegedly drunk woman falls asleep in traffic

RIVERSIDE, California – The best place to catch some sleep is probably in bed, not in your car, but that’s where Riverside police say one woman decided to get some shut eye. 139 more words

Dumbass Of The Day

Man stabs restaurant worker over pen

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — A man in Utah went to a Mexican restaurant, but he was looking for more than a hot meal.

Police say Kristopher Davis, 32, showed up to the restaurant and spotted a girl he liked. 97 more words

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Man shows up to probation officer meeting with stolen SUV

NEW HAVEN, CT – A man in Connecticut isn’t exactly your model citizen. Police say Gary Harding stole a woman’s Honda CRV at a store parking lot. 122 more words

Dumbass Of The Day

ISIS Excuse: Car Thief Claims She Was Looking for Terrorists

Woman caught by police stealing from cars claims she was looking for ISIS. How the heck does taking glasses other personal items  help track down terrorists?? 7 more words


Oregon police locate suspect because of heavy cologne scent

LEBANON, OR – Charles Agosto was a wanted man. When Oregon police found him, Charles led them on a high-speed chase and got away. But little did this pretty boy know, his pampering would get him busted. 84 more words

Dumbass Of The Day

Florida mother busted for driving with baby in trunk of car

BROWARD COUNTY, Florida — Thinking fast on your feet is something one Florida mom wasn’t so good at. Police say 19-year-old Breona Synclair Watkins was pulled over one morning. 138 more words

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