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Oklahoma man starts crying during routine traffic stop, police find drugs

EL RENO, Oklahoma – It could be a case of a guilty conscience, or Joseph Noble is just a big ol’ momma’s boy. Actually, it’s probably both. 177 more words

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Man calls in fake bomb threat in attempt to distract police from his own arrest

HAYDEN, Idaho – Jacob Moore was the guy on top of the list, but it wasn’t a good list. He was a wanted fugitive and Hayden police wanted him behind bars. 119 more words

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Man blames beer-battered fish for DWI

ADAMS COUNTY, Wisconsin – They say excuses get you nowhere, but for John Przybyla, 75, his excuses landed him behind bars. John was driving down a Wisconsin highway when he got pulled over. 218 more words

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Iowa man uses McDonald's McChicken sandwich to assault wife

DES MOINES, Iowa – Marvin Tramaine Hill certainly had an appetite for a fight with his wife. What he didn’t have an appetite for was a McDonald’s McChicken sandwich. 109 more words

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Thief Tries Stealing 7 Pounds of Cow Tongue from Walmart

Police say Jason Puckett, 44, tried walking out of a Florida Walmart with some cow tongue. He had them stuffed down his pants.


Man tries stealing 6.5 pounds of cow tongue from Florida Walmart

DELAND, Florida – People were all about the Black Friday sales after Thanksgiving, but 44-year-old Jason Puckett wasn’t interested in the fancy flat screen TV’s or tablets. 99 more words

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Man calls in a fake shooting to try and get out of a speeding ticket

CHICAGO, Illinois – Some folks use all kinds of excuses to get out of a traffic ticket, like saying they need to go to the restroom or that they’re late for work. 132 more words

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