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I bought a set of dumbbells

And then I pulled a muscle in my back when I carried them home.

The box was ripped, though. So much irony!


Add Some Variety to Your Workout

I’ve been working out a lot recently.  I actually haven’t been swimming in a couple of months, I felt like I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough when I swam, I kind of did it on autopilot.   811 more words


Bicep workout

This post will provide in detail a bicep workout with emphasis on proper form.

Bicep curls: using dumbbells grab the appropriate weight in order to enable you to complete a set of 10 repetitions, hold weights down at your side palms facing up. 636 more words

Dumbbell Thursday

Hey friends!

Normally, I would’ve gone to the gym yesterday, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I did not go to the gym. INSTEAD…dun-dun-DUN! 52 more words

KOREBALL Review and Giveaway!!

The fitness industry is hot, hot, HOT!  The great thing about it being so hot is that we have new and amazing products coming out each and every day.  387 more words


My Women's Health July/August 2014 Issue Workout Vlog!

Thanks to Peak Performance NYC and Women’s Health Magazine, I was able to contribute to their July/August 2014 issue just recently!

Instead of writing a blog post, today I’ve decided to leave you with myself in some videos! 119 more words

I've made a horrible mistake

I thought I could handle it. I really did.

I thought my stomach had settled down, that my guts had finally called a ceasefire in the Great War of Making Me Feel Like Total Shit. 112 more words