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Where's the Ukraine? Ask an American and it Could Be in Tennessee

Gawd, this is embarrassing:

Where’s Ukraine? Each dot depicts the location where a U.S. survey respondent situated Ukraine; the dots are colored based on how far removed they are from the actual country, with the most accurate responses in red and the least accurate ones in blue.

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Dumbed Down

Public Schools, Public Menace by Joel Turtel

Parents, what if your local public school is a menace to your child’s mind, education, and future? What if public schools are hopelessly beyond repair and simply cannot give your children the education they need and deserve? 333 more words


The US is Letting its "Bread Basket" Die

Climate change is happening fast in the United States but state and federal governments are so dysfunctional they’re unable to respond.  Chaos reigns. Central California’s San Joaquin Valley is an example.  310 more words


Dumb It Down Kinder

YOU MAY QUESTION why a 29 year old man would post a picture of an instructional insert from a Kinder egg. You might even think it was bought for someone else – a bit younger perhaps. 149 more words


Is Everything in the Mainstream Media Fake? - 6 Examples of Media Manipulation

The world of television and modern media has become a tool of de-evolution, propaganda and social control. Since the reign of Edward Bernays and the rise of the… 169 more words

Vegas Residents Sign Petition to ‘Lower Kids’ IQs’ with Fluoride

Mikael Thalen
February 26, 2014

A video posted to YouTube Tuesday shows Las Vegas residents signing a petition to increase levels of “dangerous and toxic” fluoride in the pubic water supply. 572 more words