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Senate Republicans Block Passage of Amendment Prohibiting Rich People From Buying Our Elections

As soon as the Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions were handed down by the Supreme Court I knew it might be impossible to reverse them because as the minutes passed, rich donors poured money into the pockets of politicians, making them less and less likely to vote to overturn them: 361 more words

Republicans, Including Wingers & "Moderates"

Dick Cheney As Wise Republican Elder Statesman

You probably heard that House Republicans brought Dick Cheney in for a meeting yesterday so he — yes, he, most recently of blundered Iraq war fame — could strategize with them on the next go round in that miserable disaster.  153 more words

Republicans, Including Wingers & "Moderates"

Is it Payback Time for Republicans in Georgia?

Remember that we’ve-got-to-reinvent-ourselves post-12012 election evaluation GOP Chairman Reince Priebus was screaming about early last year?

“The way we communicate our principles isn’t resonating widely enough,” he said.

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Republicans, Including Wingers & "Moderates"

The U.S. Leads the World in Climate Denial

USA!  USA!  USA!  We’re #1 all right, at being idiots when it comes to climate change:

This may confirm suspicions that many of us have already had.

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