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Ebola, ISIS Don't Compare! Honey Boo Boo Gets The Axe

I must admit that I have never in my life seen an episode of Honey Boo Boo…that show on one of those idiotic cable channels that loves to take advantage of people by doing a “reality” show about them. 706 more words


Most people in the world will look for the most complicated solution to their problems when the answer is staring them straight in the face, screaming at them, as they continue to search for their imaginary fixation. 177 more words


Will We Grow or Burn?

When your life is going good, enjoy it! Happiness is not a prolonged thing, however, pain and depression can be. This thought is sad, but true. 140 more words



Dante was one of the greatest poets of morbid literature. Dante was born in 1265. Dante Alighieri lived a very meaningful life until the year of 1312 when he died. 59 more words


Poll: 64 Percent of Americans Cannot Identify All Three Branches Of Government

In the wake of Constitution Day, there is a truly depressing survey by the Annenberg Public Policy Center that found that 227 years after the signing of the Constitution only 36 percent of Americans can actually name the three branches of government. 239 more words

Constitutional Law

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It's no accident that school children are being dumbed down and brainwashed. It's much easier to control people when they know nothing and their attention is on the NFL, the Kardashians, and all the other nonsense that both government and media promote.