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Kill Your Darlings

I am writing this post mostly so I can say the phrase, “Kill your darlings.” It rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it? I think so. I have been conflicted for a while about what to keep and what to delete when I’m writing. 583 more words

Rec: Imprisoned Realm

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/2705927/1/Imprisoned-Realm

Title: Imprisoned Realm

Author: LoveHP

Length: 162.182 words

Status: work in progress

Main Characters: Harry (and to a lesser degree Lily, Snape and Dumbledore) 249 more words


Master Manipulators: Albus Dumbledore

I ambitiously began a series I called ‘Master Manipulators’, profiling characters who fit this category in their respective worlds, tweaking circumstances and their peers to fit, more often than not, some hidden agenda. 1,088 more words


Answers: Recruitment and Handling

How much do you know about recruitment and handling in the Harry Potter series? Check your answers from yesterday’s quiz to find out! Be sure to tell us how you did in the comments! 243 more words


Harry Potter~ The Movies

My favorite part about the Harry Potter movies is how closely they reflect the books.  In fact,  you can find exact quotes from the books in multiple places throughout the movies. 152 more words

Recruitment and Handling: Spy Craft in Harry Potter

If you’ve ever seen a James Bond film, you know that Bond takes orders from someone. He doesn’t not always follow those orders, but someone gives them nonetheless. 171 more words


Dreams do come true!

Wer sagte das Träume doch nicht wahr kommen? In London kann man diese Hogwarts fantasie richtig erleben in diesem verzaubernden Hotel. Ich finde das richtig toll! 27 more words