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Pottermore Christmas, day 5: Dumbledore remembers Tom Riddle

Today’s Pottermore riddle is brought to you in part by Kid Voldemort, a.k.a. Tom Riddle. 171 more words


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10 Profound quotes from Harry Potter books

Hi, as this is my first post ever in the blogosphere I thought of writing something very simple & I am very well aware of. As I would not only read but eat, drink & sleep with books if I get a change, I am going to share my thoughts on one of the most mesmerizing books I have ever read & became obsessed with on the very first read. 858 more words


Nobody Regrets... Listening To Advice

I’m just going to throw a little disclaimer in here; listening to and taking advice are two very different things. I am by no means declaring that all advice is good advice – my mother has given me some of the most terrible advice that has ever been given. 1,459 more words


Sirius Black and the Dangers of Loyalty

Great plans in fantasy literature have a tendency to go wrong. This is not really through any fault of the heroes’—to give them their due credit, they slog on even when things go really, steeply downhill. 1,087 more words

Harry Potter

With the Tao Te Ching (6)

6     What is complete

The valley spirit never dies.
Call it the mystery, the woman.

The mystery,
the Door of the Woman,
is the root… 300 more words

Harry Potter and the Chinese Knockoffs

Can you believe that it’s been seven years since the final book in the Harry Potter series was released?  That fact not only makes me feel old, but also a little bit nostalgic for some more stories on the adventures of Harry and the gang.   2,131 more words


Dancing Lights

It was a cold, starry night in good ol’ North Carolina. Nidhi was curled up in a Christmas onesie with a box of tissues, sneezing and coughing the night away. 492 more words

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