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Research - Considering attitudes to disabilities through analysing media

In this Tedx Talks Michael Bérubé looks at how disabilities and mutations are used in films. It backs up my previous research into how disabilities can be considered to be like superpowers in some respects with the people mentioned in the video being disadvantaged in some way but being able to prosper in another. 126 more words

Subject Module (Year 3)

Dumbo Arts Festival

At the end of September, I went to the DUMBO Arts festival. I had never been nor had I heard about this Brooklyn based festival before. 530 more words


Thoughts on Dumbo

Highlights: I really enjoyed this movie for a number of reasons.  It’s shorter than some of the other Disney movies, which I appreciate.  There’s also just so much cuteness going on, especially in the beginning with all of the baby animals!  409 more words

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Wisdom from Timothy Q. Mouse

Sometimes my ear hears a phrase and it just sticks with me. When I was watching Dumbo, I heard this short little sentence and thought, “I can’t believe I never caught that before!” Of course I wasn’t surprised that tons of people already have, and when I googled this inspirational quote, I find my fair share of beautifully designed posters with this quote on it. 46 more words

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Week 8 Media Post

The film that I’ve chosen to analyze for my essay is the animated movie Dumbo produced by Walt Disney Productions. Dumbo is an interesting film that was made during the Golden Age of American Animation in the sense that when you compare it to previous features such as Pinocchio and Fantasia, the animation of Dumbo is really simple while the other films have a more complex and visually appealing picture.   187 more words

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