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This is the START of the long w/e..imagine what it'll be like by Tues -> Summerhill Parade, D1. Apr 18 2014

With thanks to SmcG, who says “Dumping all along this small street from the local inhabitants, why aren’t DCC tackling these people. This area was supposed to be the pilot for this blitz against illegal dumping, a farce and complete failure from the council and the councillors, how can they be satisfied with the job they’re doing?”

Commercial dumping - office furniture -> Cowsheds Lane, Inchicore D8. Apr 18 2014

With thanks to OoH, who says “This lane behind north & south terraces is in charge by the council. This is definitely office furniture and unlikely to be domestic so it should be possible to trace”

Caught red handed! Do you know this fly-tipper? -> Moore Ln, D1. Apr 18 2014

Brazen, broad daylight fly tipping.   He is so eager to make a hasty exit that his truck drags one of the dumped bags up the laneway  ! 7 more words

Broad daylight dumping. Pics taken@ 6pm,was clean @ 9am -> Summerhill Court DCC Complex, D1. Apr 16 2014

With thanks to SmcG, who says “Cleaned this morning, the usual actions from the usual untouchable residents in Summerhill Court.”

Submitter: 'continuous dumping beside entrance to Portobello Place' -> Portobello Harbour, D8. Apr 16 2014

With thanks to MF, who says “The rubbish is (continuously) dumped right opposite #19 / 20 on Portobello Harbour, at the entrance to Portobello Place (a group of houses set in off the main street).”

Cleaned in the a.m, this pic taken at 4pm. Broad daylight dumping -> Summerhill/NCR jct, D1. Apr 16 2014

With thanks to SmcG, who says “Cleaned this morning. Cameras have been put up and pointed in the wrong direction, why I wonder?”

Submitter: 'particularly disgusting this a.m with nappies all over' -> Belvedere Place & Belvedere Court, D1. Apr 16 2014

With thanks to JC, who says “Belvedere Place at Belvedere Court laneway – a particularly disgusting sight this morning with nappies all over the footpath.”